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Does the United States need a religious left?



Type:   Contribution à un site web
Titre:   Does the United States need a religious left?
Auteur(s):   Marzouki, Nadia - Centre de recherches internationales (Auteur)
In:   The Immanent Frame
Date de publication:   2019-01-23
Mots-clés:   [en] United States, religious left
Résumé:   [en] Amid the global rise of the Christian right, some intellectuals and politicians have emphasized the need to affirm a stronger religious left in the United States. The Democrats’ downfall in 2016, this argument goes, has shown the limits of ideological platforms that ignore matters of faith and belonging and stick to technocratic and secular jargon. From this perspective, in order to win the culture war against right-wing evangelicals, progressives urgently need to include religion in their strategy. (First paragraph)