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Three lessons from the Czech presidential election



Type:   Contribution à un site web
Titre:   Three lessons from the Czech presidential election
Auteur(s):   Rovny, Jan (1978-...) - Centre d'études européennes et de politique comparée (Auteur)
In:   Blog LSE - EUROPP - European Politics and Policy
Date de publication:   2018-02
Résumé:   [en] Miloš Zeman won a second term as Czech President on 27 January, narrowly defeating opposition candidate Jiří Drahoš. Jan Rovny writes that the country is now sharply divided between two political blocs that cut across old left-right allegiances, with identity politics playing an increasingly important role in shaping support. The presidential election also underlined that Czech politics is likely to take another step closer to Poland and Hungary, but with the key distinction that the country’s liberal opposition has shown an ability to unite against Zeman and garner almost 50% of the vote.


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