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Guriev, Sergei
Théorie des contrats, Gouvernance des entreprises Économies en transition et e ...
The European Trust Crisis and the Rise of Populism Algan, Yann ; Guriev, Sergei ; Papaioannou, Elias ; Passari, Evgenia Brookings Papers on Economic Activity 2017 Article
War, Inflation, and Social Capital Guriev, Sergei ; Melnikov, Nikita American Economic Review 2016-05 Article
  Duration and Term Structure of Trade Agreements Guriev, Sergei ; Klimenko, Mikhail The Economic Journal 2015-12 Article
Breaking Out of Poverty Traps Guriev, Sergei ; Vakulenko, Elena Journal of Comparative Economics 2015-08 Article
The Economy of the People's Republic of China since 1953 Cheremukhin, Anton ; Golosov, Mikhail ; Guriev, Sergei ; Tsyvinski, Aleh 2015-07 Working paper
Political Origins and Implications of the Economic Crisis in Russia Guriev, Sergei Putin's Russia 2015-05 Partie ou chapitre de livre
How Modern Dictators Survive: Cooptation, Censorship, Propaganda, and Repression Guriev, Sergei ; Treisman, Daniel 2015-03 Working paper
Effect of Income on Trust: Evidence from the 2009 Crisis in Russia Guriev, Sergei ; Ananiev, Maxim 2015-02 Working paper
The Effect of Income on Trust: the Evidence from 2009 Crisis in Russia Ananiev, Maxim ; Guriev, Sergei 2014-12 Working paper
Was Stalin Necessary for Russia's Economic Development? Cheremukhin, Anton ; Golosov, Anton ; Guriev, Sergei ; Tsyvinski, Aleh 2013-09 Working paper
  Control Rights over intellectual property Bhattacharya, Sudipto ; Guriev, Sergei Journal of Industrial Economics 2013-09 Article
  Cooperation in R&D: patenting, licensing and contracting Bhattacharya, Sudipto ; D'Aspremont, Claude ; Guriev, Sergei ; Sen, Debapriya ; Tauman, Yair Game Theory and Business Applications 2013 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Human Smuggling Friebel, Guido ; Guriev, Sergei International Handbook on the Economics of Migration 2013 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Répression et opposition en Russie Guriev, Sergei ; Ackerman, Galia ; Mendras-Rosdahl, Marie Esprit 2013 Article
  Whistle-Blowing and Incentives in Firms Friebel, Guido ; Guriev, Sergei Journal of Economics & Management Strategy 2012-10 Article
  Determinants of Expropriation in the Oil Sector: A Theory and Evidence from Panel Data Kolotilin, Anton ; Guriev, Sergei ; Sonin, Konstantin Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization 2011-08 Article
Resource Curse: A Corporate Transparency Channel Durnev, Art ; Guriev, Sergei 2011-05 Working paper
  Interest Group Politics in a Federation Guriev, Sergei ; Yakovlev, Evgeny ; Zhuravskaya, Ekaterina Journal of Public Economics 2010-10 Article
  Challenges Facing the Russian Economy After the Crisis Guriev, Sergei ; Tsyvinski, Aleh Russia, After the Global Economic Crisis 2010 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Why Resource-Poor Dictators Allow Freer Media: A Theory and Evidence from Panel Data Egorov, Georgy ; Guriev, Sergei ; Sonin, Konstantin American Political Science Review 2009-11 Article
  Imperfect Competition in Financial Markets and Capital Structure Guriev, Sergei ; Kvasov, Dmitriy Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 2009-10 Article
(Un)Happiness in Transition Guriev, Sergei ; Zhuravskaya, Ekaterina Journal of Economic Perspectives 2009-06 Article
  Dictators and Oligarchs: A Dynamic Theory of Contested Property Rights Guriev, Sergei ; Sonin, Konstantin Journal of Public Economics 2009-02 Article
Development Based on Commodity Revenues? Guriev, Sergei ; Plekhanov, Alexander ; Sonin, Konstantin Transition Report 2009 2009 Partie de rapport
  The Evolution of Personal Wealth in the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe Guriev, Sergei ; Rachinsky, Andrei Personal Wealth from a Global Perspective 2008 Partie ou chapitre de livre
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