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Vona, Francesco
69, quai d'Orsay
Paris 75007,  FRANCE
Économie du travail , Économie de l’environnement Économie de l’éducation et i ...
Green Skills Consoli, Davide ; Marin, Giovanni ; Poop, David ; Vona, Francesco 2015-04 Working paper
That was then, this is now: Skills and Routinization in the 2000s Consoli, Davide ; Rentocchini, Francesco ; Vona, Francesco 2014-09 Working paper
From the Cradle to the Grave: the impact of family background on carrier path of Italian males Raitano, Michele ; Vona, Francesco 2015 Working paper
Heterogeneous policies, heterogenous technologies : the case of renewable energy Nicolli, Francesco ; Vona, Francesco 2014-07 Working paper
The evolution of renewable energy policy in OECD countries: aggregate indicators and determinants Nicolli, Francesco ; Vona, Francesco 2012-04 Working paper
From the cradle to the grave : the effect of family background on the career path of italian men Raitano, Michele ; Vona, Francesco 2015-02 Working paper
The effect of parental background along the son's earnings distribution : does one model fit for all? Raitano, Michele ; Vona, Francesco ; Vittori, Claudia 2015-07 Working paper
Measures, drivers and effects of green employment : evidence form US local labor markets, 2006-2014 Vona, Francesco ; Marin, Giovanni ; Consoli, Davide 2016-07 Working paper
Competition, firm Size and returns to skills : evidence from currency shocks and market liberalization Rainato, Michele ; Vona, Francesco 2014-04 Working paper
Innovation and Skill Dynamics: A life-cycle approach Vona, Francesco ; Consoli, Davide 2011-12 Working paper
Energy market liberalisation and renewable energy policies in OECD countries Vona, Francesco ; Nicolli, Francesco 2013-07 Working paper
Climate policies and Skill-biased employment dynamics : evidence from EU countries Marin, Giovanni ; Vona, Francesco 2018-07 Working paper
The impact of energy prices on employment and environmental performance : Evidence from french manufacturing establishments Marin, Giovanni ; Vona, Francesco 2017-10 Working paper
Finance and the Misallocation of Scientific, Engineering and Mathematical Talent Marin, Giovanni ; Vona, Francesco 2017-11 Working paper
Determinants of renewable energy innovation: environmental policies vs. market regulation Vona, Francesco ; Nicolli, Francesco ; Nesta, Lionel 2012-02 Working paper
Environmental policies, product market regulation and innovation in renewable energy Nesta, Lionel ; Vona, Francesco ; Nicolli, Francesco 2012-10 Working paper
Threshold policy effects and directed technical change in Energy Innovation Nesta, Lionel ; Verdolini, Elena ; Vona, Francesco 2018-01 Working paper
  Centralized Wage Setting and Active Labor Market Policies in Frictional Labor Markets Vona, Francesco ; Zamparelli, Luca Eastern and Economic Journal 2014-06 Article
Bridging the gap : do fast-reacting fossil technologies facilitate renewable energy diffusion ? Verdolini, Elena ; Vona, Francesco ; Popp, David Energy Policy 2018-01 Article
  Innovation and Skill Dynamics: A Life-cycle Approach Consoli, Davide ; Vona, Francesco Industrial and Corporate Change 2014-10 Article
  Do green jobs differ from non-green jobs in terms of skills and human capital? Consoli, Davide ; Marin, Giovanni ; Marzucchi, Alberto ; Vona, Francesco Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis : Research and Practice 2016 Article
Measuring the link between intergenerational occupational mobility and earnings Raitano, Michele ; Vona, Francesco The Journal of Economic Inequality 2015-03 Article
  Environmental Policies, Competition and Innovation in Renewable Energy Nesta, Lionel ; Vona, Francesco ; Nicolli, Francesco Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 2014-05 Article
Environmental regulation and green skills : an empirical exploration Vona, Francesco ; Marin, Giovanni ; Consoli, Davide ; Popp, David Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists 2018-10 Article
  Direct and indirect influences of parental background on offspring earnings Raitano, Michele ; Vona, Francesco The Manchester School 2015-07 Article
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