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Venturini, Tommaso
Méthodes digitales, Cartographie des controverses, Modernisation sociale
  Visual Network Exploration for Data Journalists Venturini, Tommaso ; Jacomy, Mathieu ; Bounegru, Liliana ; Gray, Jonathan The Routledge Handbook to Developments in Digital Journalism Studies 2018-08 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  An unexpected journey: A few lessons from sciences Po médialab's experience Venturini, Tommaso ; Jacomy, Mathieu ; Meunier, Axel ; Latour, Bruno Big Data & Society 2017-08 Article
  Circulation of digital information: The case of fake news in the 2017 French presidential election Cardon, Dominique ; Jacomy, Mathieu ; Venturini, Tommaso ; 2017-04-24/2017-04-25 Journalism & the Search for Truth in an Age of Social Media 2017-04 Communication non publiée
  How to Tell Stories with Networks: Exploring the Narrative Affordances of Graphs with the Iliad Venturini, Tommaso ; Bounegru, Liliana ; Jacomy, Mathieu ; Gray, Jonathan Datafied Society: Social Research in the Age of Big Data. 2017-02-25 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Narrating Networks Bounegru, Liliana ; Venturini, Tommaso ; Gray, Jonathan ; Jacomy, Mathieu Digital Journalism 2016-06-20 Article
  Hors champs: la multipositionnalité par l'analyse des réseaux Venturini, Tommaso ; Jacomy, Mathieu ; Baneyx, Audrey ; Girard, Paul Réseaux 2016-05 Article
Hyphe, a Curation-Oriented Approach to Web Crawling for the Social Sciences Jacomy, Mathieu ; Girard, Paul ; Ooghe, Benjamin ; Venturini, Tommaso ; 2016-05-18/2016-05-20 International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media 2016-05 Poster
  Actor-Network VS Network Analysis VS Digital Networks Are We Talking About the Same Networks? Venturini, Tommaso ; Munk, Anders Kristian ; Jacomy, Mathieu DigitalSTS: A Handbook and Fieldguide 2016-01 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  MEDEA : Mapping environmental debates on adaptation Venturini, Tommaso ; Baneyx, Audrey ; De Pryck, Kari ; Baya Laffite, Nicolas ; Gray, Ian 2015-10 Site Web
  Double Dating Data Jacomy, Mathieu ; Pedroja, Cynthia ; Ansart, Thomas ; Baneyx, Audrey ; Martin, Benoit ; Mitrano, Patrice ; Munk, Anders Kristian ; Ooghe, Benjamin ; Venturini, Tommaso 2015-10 Site Web
  Detecting global bridges in networks Jensen, Pablo ; Morini, Matteo ; Karsai, Márton ; Venturini, Tommaso ; Vespigniani, Alessandro ; Jacomy, Mathieu ; Cointet, Jean-Philippe ; Merckle, Pierre ; Fleury, Eric Journal of Complex Networks 2015-09 Article
  MEDEA : Mapping Environment Debate on Adaptation Venturini, Tommaso ; Baneyx, Audrey ; Ricci, Donato ; Gray, Ian ; Baya Laffite, Nicolas ; De Pryck, Kari ; Ooghe, Benjamin 2015-09 Site Web
Fill in the Gap. A New Alliance for Social and Natural Sciences Venturini, Tommaso ; Jensen, Pablo ; Latour, Bruno Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 2015-03 Article
O Todo é Sempre Menor que as Partes: um teste digital acerca das mônadas de Gabriel Tarde Latour, Bruno ; Boullier, Dominique ; Venturini, Tommaso ; Jensen, Pablo ; Grauwin, Sebastian Parágrafo 2015 Article
Intangible cultural heritage webs: Comparing national networks with digital methods Severo, Marta ; Venturini, Tommaso New media & society 2015 Article
Visual Network Analysis: the Example of the Rio+20 Online Debate Venturini, Tommaso ; Jacomy, Mathieu ; Pereira, Debora 2015 Working paper
Review of An Aesthesia of Networks: Conjunctive Experience in Art and Technology, by Anna Munster Venturini, Tommaso Digital Studies / Le champs numerique 2015 Compte-rendu d’ouvrage
Uncertainty, Decision Science, and Policy Making: A Manifesto for a Research Agenda Tucket, David ; Mandel, Antoine ; Mangalagiu, Diana ; Abramson, Allen ; Hinkel, Jochen ; Katsikopoulos, Konstantinos ; Kirman, Alan ; Malleret, Thierry ; Mozetic, Igor ; Ormerod, Paul ; Smith, Robert Elliot ; Venturini, Tommaso ; Wilkinson, Angela Critical Review 2015 Article
Societal Controversies in Wikipedia Articles 2015-04-18/2015-04-23 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - CHI ; Borra, Erik ; Weltevrede, Esther ; Ciuccarelli, Paolo ; Kaltenbrunner, Andreas ; Laniado, David ; Magni, Giovanni ; Mauri, Michele ; Rogers, Richard ; Venturini, Tommaso 2015 Actes de colloque
  Climate Negotiations Browser Venturini, Tommaso ; Ooghe, Benjamin ; Jacomy, Mathieu ; Girard, Paul ; Jacomy, Alexis 2015 Site Web
Méthodes digitales: Approches quali/quanti des données numériques Venturini, Tommaso ; Cardon, Dominique ; Cointet, Jean-Philippe Réseaux 2015 Article
Designing Controversies and their Publics Venturini, Tommaso ; Ricci, Donato ; Mauri, Michele ; Kimbell, Lucy ; Meunier, Axel Design Issues 2015 Article Venturini, Tommaso ; Meunier, Axel ; Jacomy, Alexis ; Jacomy, Mathieu ; Plique, Guillaume ; Ooghe, Benjamin ; Girard, Paul ; Baneyx, Audrey ; Guido, Daniele ; Gray, Ian ; De Pryck, Kari ; Baya Laffite, Nicolas ; Rogers, Richard ; Munk, Anders Kristian ; Borra, Erik ; Bounegru, Liliana ; Ciuccarelli, Paolo ; Kaltenbrunner, Andreas ; Laniado, David 2014-10 Site Web
Three maps and three misunderstandings: A digital mapping of climate diplomacy Venturini, Tommaso ; Baya Laffite, Nicolas ; Cointet, Jean-Philippe ; Gray, Ian ; Zabban, Vinciane ; De Pryck, Kari Big Data & Society 2014-07 Article
  ForceAtlas2, a continuous graph layout algorithm for handy network visualization designed for the Gephi software Jacomy, Mathieu ; Venturini, Tommaso ; Heymann, Sébastien ; Bastian, Mathieu PLos ONE 2014 Article
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