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Coeurdacier, Nicolas
Macro-économie, Finances, Mondialisation, Economie internationae
Do trade costs in goods market lead to home bias in equities? Coeurdacier, Nicolas Journal of International Economics 2009-02 Article
The risky steady state Winant, Pablo ; Rey, Hélène ; Coeurdacier, Nicolas 2011 Manuscrit en cours
The geography of trade in goods and asset holdings Aviat, Antonin ; Coeurdacier, Nicolas Journal of International Economics 2007-03 Article
The geography of asset trade and the euro: insiders and outsiders Coeurdacier, Nicolas ; Martin, Philippe Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 2009-06 Article
A dynamic equilibrium of imperfectly integrated financial markets Guibaud, Stéphane ; Coeurdacier, Nicolas 2008-10 Working paper
When bonds matter: home bias in goods and assets Coeurdacier, Nicolas ; Gourinchas, Pierre-Olivier 2009-10 Working paper
Theoretical perspectives on financial globalization: trade costs and equity home bias Coeurdacier, Nicolas 2009-11 Manuscrit en cours
International portfolios, capital accumulation and foreign assets dynamics Coeurdacier, Nicolas ; Kollmann, Robert ; Martin, Philippe Journal of International Economics 2010 Article
International portfolios with supply, demand and redistributive shocks Kollmann, Robert ; Coeurdacier, Nicolas ; Martin, Philippe NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics 2007 2009 Communication dans des actes de colloque publiés
International portfolio diversification is better than you think Coeurdacier, Nicolas ; Guibaud, Stéphane Journal of International Money and Finance 2011-03 Article
Home bias in open economy financial macroeconomics Rey, Hélène ; Coeurdacier, Nicolas 2010-09 Working paper
Cross-border mergers and acquisitions and European integration Coeurdacier, Nicolas ; de Santis, Roberto A. ; Aviat, Antonin Economic Policy 2009-01 Article
Comment on 'External performance in low income countries' (by L. Christiansen, A. Prati, L. A. Ricci, S. Tokarick, and T. Tressel) Coeurdacier, Nicolas NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics 2009 2010 Communication dans des actes de colloque publiés