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Collaborative Humanities



Type:   Communication non publiée
Titre:   Collaborative Humanities
Auteur(s):   Girard, Paul - Médialab (Auteur)
Nom de la conférence:   DHNord
Date(s) de la conférence:   2018-10-15 / 2018-10-17
Lieu de la conférence:   Maison européenne des sciences de l’homme et de la société de Lille ,  FRANCE
Résumé:   [en] The rising use of digital methods into Humanities research had such an impact that the term Digital Humanities were coined. More than just a term, maybe a new discipline, DH designates for sure an academic community which renews his humanities research practices through digital means. There is a large heterogeneity among those practices among which we observe many research design innovations (in terms of methods, tools, research fields). I propose through this talk to describe Digital Humanities context as a collaboration set-up which can be modeled as a complex system. I will elaborate on this idea by referring to a study I conducted during my studies à l'Université Technologie de Compiègne under the direction of Prof. Gilles Le Cardinal. This one year research introduction actually crafted my professional career path. I will use the Sciences Po médialab context to illustrate how Digital Humanities context could gain to be thought as a highly collaborative process where humanists, information technology engineers and designers can innovate together by sharing their respective motivations, skills and constraints.