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Observatoire sociologique du changement (OSC)
27 rue Saint Guillaume 75337 Paris Cedex 07
  Understanding Wage Floor Setting in Industry-Level Agreements: Evidence from France Fougere, Denis ; Gautier, Erwan ; Roux, Sébastien 2016-10 Working paper
Transnationalism and immigrant assimilation in France: Between here and there? Beauchemin, Chris ; Lagrange, Hugues ; Safi, Mirna 2011 Working paper
The division of domestic work in Spain : is undoing gender possible ? Dominguez Folgueras, Marta ; Amigot Leache, Patricia ; Botía Morillas, Carmen ; Jurado Guerrero, Teresa 2015-09 Working paper
How to Make a Deal? Boussard, Valérie ; Godechot, Olivier ; Woloszko, Nicolas 2016-11 Working paper
Engineering access to higher education through higher education fairs Van Zanten, Agnès ; Legrave, Amelie 2014-04 Working paper
Les stratégies statutaires des établissements d’enseignement supérieur Van Zanten, Agnès ; Olivier, Alice 2015-11 Working paper
Les inégalités de genre dans l’enseignement supérieur et la recherche Revillard, Anne 2014-10 Working paper
Les instruments d’une politique de changement social : information juridique et communication dans les politiques d’égalité Revillard, Anne 2013-10 Working paper
Access to Higher Education : What counts as fairness in both an individual and systemic perspective? Duru-Bellat, Marie ; Gajdos, Thibault 2012 Working paper
A Matter of Size and Generosity: Assessing the Complex Relation between the Welfare State and Social Capital Ferragina, Emanuele 2015-12 Working paper
Souhaits et projets personnels dans la classe moyenne Herpin, Nicolas 2013 Working paper
Ségrégation, sélectivité et 'diversité' dans les lycées publics de Chicago et de Paris Oberti, Marco 2011-09 Working paper
Pratique religieuse et religiosité parmi les immigrés et les descendants d’immigrés du Maghreb, d’Afrique sub-saharienne et de Turquie en France Lagrange, Hugues 2013 Working paper
Immigrant/Native Labor Market Inequalities: A Portrait of Patterns and Trends in France and the United Kingdom, 1990-2007 Kesler, Christel ; Safi, Mirna 2011-09 Working paper
When ‘White Devils’ Join the Deen: White American Converts to Islam and the Experience of Non-Normative Whiteness. Galonnier, Juliette 2015 Working paper
Measuring the Effect of the Local Ethnic Composition on Natives’ and Immigrants’ Geographic Mobility in France. Evidence from Panel Data (1982-1999) Rathelot, Roland ; Safi, Mirna 2013-06 Working paper
  Two-Stage Optimal Matching Analysis of Workdays and Workweeks Man Yee, Kan ; Lesnard, Laurent 2009 Working paper
Globalization and Unrest on Both Sides of Mediterranean Lagrange, Hugues 2015-03 Working paper
Meritocracy: A widespread ideology due to school socialization? Tenret, Elise ; Duru-Bellat, Marie 2010 Working paper
La diversité : esquisse de critique sociologique Duru-Bellat, Marie 2011 Working paper
La question du déclassement (mesure, faits, interprétation)... Duru-Bellat, Marie 2009 Working paper
Appréhender les inégalités dans et par l’enseignement supérieur : spécificités des mesures, spécificité des processus ? Duru-Bellat, Marie 2009 Working paper
Cost Setting in Optimal Matching to Uncover Contemporaneous Socio-Temporal Patterns Lesnard, Laurent 2009 Working paper
Assets of longitudinal data in describing the immigrants' assimilation process: Analysing Ethnic Inequalities in the French Labour Market Safi, Mirna 2008-04 Working paper
The French Republican Model of Integration: the Theory of Cohesion and the Practice of Exclusion Oberti, Marco 2007-05 Working paper
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