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Observatoire français des conjonctures économiques (OFCE)
10 Place de Catalogne
Paris 75014,  FRANCE
The cobb-douglas function as an approximation of other functions Reynés, Frédéric 2011-10 Working paper
A new estimate of discouraged and additional worker effects on labor participation by sex and age in OECD countries Filatriau, Olivier ; Reynés, Frédéric 2012-02 Working paper
Dégressivité des allocations chômage : une réforme ni nécessaire ni efficace Coquet, Bruno 2016-10 Working paper
Les allocations chômage devraient-elles être dégressives ? Coquet, Bruno 2017-01 Working paper
La tarification des contrats courts : objectifs et instruments Coquet, Bruno 2017-12 Working paper
Can public housing decrease segragation ? Lessons and challenges from Non-European immigration in France Verdugo, Gregory ; Toma, Sorana 2018-05 Working paper
  L'économie européenne 2017 Observatoire français des conjonctures économiques 2017-02 Livre
Gender Biases in Student Evaluations of Teachers Boring, Anne 2015-04 Working paper
L'Etat du tissu productif français Observatoire français des conjonctures économiques 2016-11 Working paper
Glass ceiling and belief flipping : theory and evidence from Egypt Kandil, Lamia 2015-01 Working paper
  Les Nouvelles inégalités du travail Verdugo, Gregory 2017-06 Livre
A model of the FED's view on inflation Hasenzagl, Thomas ; Pellegrino, Fillipo ; Reichlin, Lucrezia ; Ricco, Giovanni 2018-01 Working paper
Trade and Empire, 1700-1870 Daudin, Guillaume ; O'rourke, Kevin H. ; Prados De La Escosura, Leandro 2008-07 Working paper
Domestic trade and market size in late eighteenth century France Daudin, Guillaume 2007-12 Working paper
Paying transaction costs Daudin, Guillaume 2006-07 Working paper
Cross checking the sound database with the french balance du commerce data Charles, Loïc ; Daudin, Guillaume 2016-01 Working paper
Europe and Globalization, 1870-1914 Daudin, Guillaume ; Morys, Matthias ; O'rourke, Kevin H. 2008-06 Working paper
Commerce et prospérité : la France au XVIIIe siècle Daudin, Guillaume 2005 Livre
La Chine à travers le spectre de la balance des paiements Schwenninger, Alice 2018-07 Working paper
And then he wasn't a she : Climate change and green transitions in an agent-based integrated assessment model Lamperti, Francesco ; Dosi, Giovanni ; Napoletano, Mauro ; Roventini, Andrea ; Sapio, Sandro 2018-09 Working paper
Income distribution, credit and fiscal policies in an agent-based keynesian model Dosi, Giovanni ; Fagiolo, Giorgio ; Napoletano, Mauro ; Roventini, Andrea 2012-02 Working paper
No Man is an Island: The Impact of Heterogeneity and Local Interactions on Macroeconomic Dynamics Guerini, Mattia ; Napoletano, Mauro ; Roventini, Andrea 2016-06 Working paper
The Rise and Fall of R&D Networks Tomasello, Mario V ; Napoletano, Mauro ; Garas, Antonios ; Schweitzer, Frank 2013-09 Working paper
The Janus-faced nature of debt : results form a data driven cointegrated SVAR approach Guerini, Mattia ; Moneta, Alessio ; Napoletano, Mauro ; Roventini, Andrea 2017-02 Working paper
Market Stability vs. Market Resilience: Regulatory Policies Experiments in an Agent-Based Model with Low- and High- Frequency Trading Jacob Leal, Sandrine ; Napoletano, Mauro 2016-04 Working paper