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Country Size, Appropriate Policy, and Economic Performance: Some Evidence from OECD Countries Napoletano, Mauro ; Gaffard, Jean-Luc 2009-04 Working paper
Fiscal and monetary policies in complex evolving economies Napoletano, Mauro ; Roventini, Andrea ; Dosi, Giovanni ; Fagiolo, Giorgio ; Treibich, Tania 2014-02 Working paper
Spatial Localization in Manufacturing: A Cross-Country Analysis Vitali, Stefania ; Napoletano, Mauro ; Fagiolo, Giorgio 2009-03 Working paper
The Rise and Fall of R&D Networks Napoletano, Mauro ; Tomasello, Mario V ; Garas, Antonios ; Schweitzer, Frank 2013-09 Working paper
Income distribution, credit and fiscal policies in an agent-based keynesian model Dosi, Giovanni ; Fagiolo, Giorgio ; Napoletano, Mauro ; Roventini, Andrea 2012-02 Working paper
Agent Based Models A New Tool for Economic and Policy Analysis Napoletano, Mauro ; Gaffard, Jean-Luc ; Babutsidze, Zakaria 2012-03-15 Working paper
Rock around the clock: an agent-based model of low- and high-frequency trading Jacob Leal, Sandrine ; Napoletano, Mauro ; Roventini, Andrea ; Fagiolo, Giorgio 2014-02 Working paper
The G20 and recovery and beyond: an agenda for global governance for the twenty‐first century Fitoussi, Jean-Paul ; Stiglitz, Joseph ; Paris Group 2011 Livre
Inequality debt and taxation the perverse relation between the productive and the non productive assets of the economy Gaffard, Jean-Luc ; Amendola, Mario ; Patriarca, Fabricio 2013-10 Working paper
  Revisting the 'machinery effect': from Ricardo to Hicks Amendola, Mario ; 2009-04-23/2009-04-26 Annual Conference of the European Society for the History of Economic Thought ; Gaffard, Jean-Luc 2009-04-23 Communication non publiée
  Capitalisme et cohésion sociale Amendola, Mario ; Gaffard, Jean-Luc 2012-02 Livre
Hicks and Richardson on industrial change : analysis and policy Amendola, Mario ; Bruno, S. Frey ; Gaffard, Jean-Luc 2008-09 Working paper
Financial constraints as a barrier to export participation Nesta, Lionel ; Bellone, Flora ; Musso, Patrick ; Schiavo, Stefano 2008-09 Working paper
Financial Constraints and Firm Export Behavior Nesta, Lionel ; Bellone, Flora ; Musso, Patrick ; Schiavo, Stefano 2008-10 Working paper
Exports and productivity : comparable evidence for 14 countries Nesta, Lionel ; Bellone, Flora ; Musso, Patrick ; Jabbour, Liza ; Schiavo, Stefano 2007-12 Working paper
  Schumpeterian Perspectives on Innovation, Competition and Growth Nesta, Lionel ; Cantner, Uwe ; Gaffard, Jean-Luc 2009 Livre
Spillovers product substitution and R&D investment : theory and evidence Nesta, Lionel ; Grebel, Thomas 2013-10 Working paper
Product Innovation and Survival in a High-Tech Industry Nesta, Lionel ; Fontana, Roberto 2007-10 Working paper
Knowledge and Productivity in the World's Largest Manufacturing Corporations Nesta, Lionel 2005-11 Working paper
Entry, Innovation and Exit from LAN Switch Industry Nesta, Lionel ; Fontana, Roberto 2007-01 Working paper
The U-Shaped Productivity Dynamics of French Exporters Nesta, Lionel ; Bellone, Flora ; Musso, Patrick ; Quéré, Michel 2007-01 Working paper
Productivity and Market Selection of French Manufacturing Firms in the Nineties Nesta, Lionel ; Bellone, Flora ; Musso, Patrick ; Quéré, Michel 2006-02 Working paper
L'effet pro-concurrentiel de l'intégration européenne : une analyse de l'évolution des taux de marge dans les industries manufacturières françaises Nesta, Lionel ; Bellone, Flora ; Musso, Patrick ; Warzynski, Frédéric 2008-03 Working paper
Determinants of renewable energy innovation: environmental policies vs. market regulation Nesta, Lionel ; Nicolli, Francesco ; Vona, Francesco 2012-02 Working paper
Environmental policies, product market regulation and innovation in renewable energy Nesta, Lionel ; Vona, Francesco ; Nicolli, Francesco 2012-10 Working paper