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Observatoire français des conjonctures économiques (OFCE)
69, quai d'Orsay,FR-75340 Paris Cedex 07
  Competition and Market Power in Retail Electricity Supply Salies, Evens 2004-12 Rapport
Fuel usage and consumption patterns of low income customers and company attitudes to social actions: additional analysis on comparing consumption data provided by consumers and companies Price, Catherine Waddams ; Eberth, Barbara ; Salies, Evens 2002-03 Rapport
  A measure of switching Costs in the GB electricity retail market Salies, Evens 2005-09 Working paper
Cohérence dans les systèmes de notation des experts-dégustateurs en vin – Revue de la littérature et nouveaux résultats. Œnométrie XIII - Bordeaux - 26 et 27 Mai 2006 Barbe, Philippe ; Salies, Evens ; 2006-05-26/2006-05-27 Œnométrie XIII 2006-05 Communication non publiée
Pricing structure in the deregulated UK electricity market Salies, Evens ; Price, Catherine Waddams 2003-11 Working paper
  Innovation, Economic Growth and the Firm: Theory and Evidence of Industrial Dynamics Salies, Evens ; Gaffard, Jean-Luc 2009 Livre
  Innovation, Economic Growth and the Firm Theory and Evidence of Industrial Dynamics Salies, Evens ; Gaffard, Jean-Luc 2010 Livre
Vers une nouvelle forme de concurrence dans les marches de l’électricité ? Salies, Evens 2011-03 Working paper
Product innovation when consumers have switching costs Salies, Evens 2011-03 Working paper
Mergers in the GB Electricity Market: Effects on Retail Charges Salies, Evens 2006-05 Working paper
Does vertical integration have an effect on load factors ? – A test on coal-fired plants in England & Wales López, José A. ; Salies, Evens 2006-02 Working paper
The cost of switching Internet providers in the French broadband industry, or why ADSL has diffused faster than other innovative technologies Salies, Evens ; Krafft, Jackie 2006-10 Working paper
Fragmenter une activité à risque Salies, Evens ; Mondello, Gérard 2007-07 Working paper
Real-time pricing when consumers have saving costs Salies, Evens 2012-03 Working paper
Asymmetric switching costs can improve the predictive power of shy's model Salies, Evens 2012-04 Working paper
Why and how should innovative industries with high consumer switching costs be re-regulated ? Salies, Evens ; Krafft, Jackie 2008-05 Working paper
Have policy distortions spilled over across wine markets? Evidence from the French wine sector Salies, Evens ; Steiner, Bodo 2011-09 Working paper
Product innovation when consumers have switching costs Salies, Evens 2011-02 Working paper
Productivité et R&D au Luxembourg Bianco, Dominique ; Salies, Evens 2010-03 Working paper
The Strong Porter Hypothesis in an Endogenous Growth Model with Satisficing Managers Bianco, Dominique ; Salies, Evens 2016-01 Working paper
Cournot Competition and Endogenous Firm Size Barr, Jason ; Saraceno, Francesco 2005-01 Working paper
The intergenerational content of social spending : health care and sustainable growth in China Fitoussi, Jean-Paul ; Saraceno, Francesco 2008-09 Working paper
The Brussels-Frankfurt-Washington Consensus. Old and New Tradeoffs in Economics Fitoussi, Jean-Paul ; Saraceno, Francesco 2004-02 Working paper
Wage Regimes, Accumulation and Finance Constraints : Keynesian Unemployment Revisited Saraceno, Francesco 2004-01 Working paper
Wage Flexibility and Unemployment : the Keynesian Perspective Revisited Amendola, Mario ; Gaffard, Jean-Luc ; Saraceno, Francesco 2001-02 Working paper