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Working hours and economic performance Heyer, Eric ; Plane, Mathieu 2012-01-31 Working paper
Glass ceiling and belief flipping : theory and evidence from Egypt Kandil, Lamia 2015-01 Working paper
Production under foreign ownership and domestic volatility: an empirical investigation at the sector level Levasseur, Sandrine 2011-03 Working paper
Labour market adjustments in Estonia during the global crisis Levasseur, Sandrine 2011-12 Working paper
Les réformes des retraites en Europe dans la crise Cornilleau, Gerard ; Mathieu, Catherine ; Sterdyniak, Henri ; Touze, Vincent 2010-07 Working paper
Institutions and growth : a simplified theory of decentralization and corruption Granik, Anton ; Saraceno, Francesco 2012-06 Working paper
Macroeconomic Shocks and Labor Supply in Emerging Countries: some Lessons from Turkey Polat, Sezgin ; Saraceno, Francesco 2010-12 Working paper
Assessing the link between Price and Financial Stability Blot, Christophe ; Creel, Jérôme ; Hubert, Paul ; Labondance, Fabien ; Saraceno, Francesco 2014-02 Working paper
An assessment of stability and growth pact reform proposals in a small-scale macro framework Creel, Jérôme ; Hubert, Paul ; Saraceno, Francesco 2012-02 Working paper
Competition, firm Size and returns to skills : evidence from currency shocks and market liberalization Rainato, Michele ; Vona, Francesco 2014-04 Working paper
Innovation and Skill Dynamics: A life-cycle approach Vona, Francesco ; Consoli, Davide 2011-12 Working paper
Inequality and macroeconomic performance Fitoussi, Jean-Paul ; Saraceno, Francesco 2010-07 Working paper
Can the US shale revolution be duplicated in europe ? Saussay, Aurélien 2015-04 Working paper
Macroeconomic policy and potential growth Creel, Jérôme ; Iacopetta, Maurizio 2015-05 Working paper
La ségrégation spatiale selon Schelling : la perversité est ailleurs Forsé, Michel ; Parodi, Maxime 2006-03 Working paper
The EU as a global ecological power : The logics of market integration Laurent, Eloi ; Le Cacheux, Jacques 2010-05 Working paper
Policy options for carbon taxation in the EU Laurent, Eloi ; Le Cacheux, Jacques 2010-06 Working paper
Une lecture critique de l’ouvrage : Pour une révolution fiscale - Trois désaccords et certaines convergences Sterdyniak, Henri 2012-01 Working paper
Feeling guilty and redistributive politics Le Garrec, Gilles 2009-09 Working paper
Climate action beyond the Paris Accord Dion, Stephane ; Laurent, Eloi 2015-09 Working paper
The evolution of renewable energy policy in OECD countries: aggregate indicators and determinants Nicolli, Francesco ; Vona, Francesco 2012-04 Working paper
Energy market liberalisation and renewable energy policies in OECD countries Vona, Francesco ; Nicolli, Francesco 2013-07 Working paper
IPPP – Risks and opportunities An economic perspective de Brux, Julie ; Marty, Frédéric 2014-05 Working paper
Heterogeneous policies, heterogenous technologies : the case of renewable energy Nicolli, Francesco ; Vona, Francesco 2014-07 Working paper
Comment répartir le budget carbone a la COP 21 ? Laurent, Eloi 2015-09 Working paper