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Income distribution, credit and fiscal policies in an agent-based keynesian model Dosi, Giovanni ; Fagiolo, Giorgio ; Napoletano, Mauro ; Roventini, Andrea 2012-02 Working paper
Rock around the clock: an agent-based model of low- and high-frequency trading Jacob Leal, Sandrine ; Napoletano, Mauro ; Roventini, Andrea ; Fagiolo, Giorgio 2014-02 Working paper
Micro and macro policies in the Keynes + Schumpeter evolutionary models Dosi, Giovanni ; Napoletano, Mauro ; Roventini, Andrea ; Treibich, Tania 2014-11 Working paper
Monetary policy : What can be Learned From Recent History? 1st Mecpoc Symposium : 'Can Central Banks Alone Win the Global Challenge?', Franklin College, Switzerland, April 8, 2008 Creel, Jérôme ; 2008-04-08 1st Mecpoc Symposium : 'Can Central Banks Alone Win the Global Challenge?' 2008-04-08 Communication non publiée
The stability pact and feedback policy effects Creel, Jérôme 1999-04 Working paper
Is Public Capital Productive in Europe? Creel, Jérôme ; Poilon, Gwénaëlle 2006-05 Working paper
How to manage speculative shocks : intra-european vs. international monetary coordination Capoen, Fabrice ; Creel, Jérôme ; Cussy, Pascal ; Lenoble-Liaud, Hélène 2000-01 Working paper
Efficiency of stability-oriented institutions: the European case Capoen, Fabrice ; Creel, Jérôme 2007-02 Working paper
  Construction européenne et politique économique Farvaque, Etienne ; Creel, Jérôme 2004 Livre
L'assainissement budgétaire au Danemark entre entre 1983 et 1986 : l'anti-mythe Creel, Jérôme 1998-06 Working paper
Ranking Fiscal Policy Rules: the Golden Rule of Public Finance vs. the Stability and Growth Pact Creel, Jérôme 2003-07 Working paper
Détermination du niveau des prix et finances publiques : le cas du Liban, 1965-2005 Farvaque, Etienne ; Ayoub, Hassan ; Creel, Jérôme 2008-06 Working paper
  Strategic debt under fiscal rules. 66th International Atlantic Economic Conference, 9 - 12 October 2008, Montréal, Canada Farvaque, Etienne ; Creel, Jérôme 2008-10-09 Communication non publiée
  Current Thinking on Fiscal Policy Sawyer, Malcolm ; Creel, Jérôme 2009 Livre
Glass ceiling and belief flipping : theory and evidence from Egypt Kandil, Lamia 2015-01 Working paper
Inflation Divergence and Public Deficits In an Monetary Union Creel, Jérôme ; Le Cacheux, Jacques 2003-07 Working paper
  Les Français et l'impôt Le Cacheux, Jacques 2008 Livre
Croissance équitable et concurrence fiscale Saint Etienne, Christian ; Le Cacheux, Jacques 2005 Rapport
Sharing and choosing within the household : a survey Le Cacheux, Jacques 2005-12 Working paper
Stability without a pact? Lessons from the European Gold Standard, 1880-1913 Zumer, Frédéric ; Le Cacheux, Jacques ; Flandreau, Marc 1998-02 Working paper
Financing of the European Union Budget Begg, Iain ; Enderlein, Henrik ; Le Cacheux, Jacques ; Mrak, Mojmir 2008-04-29 Rapport
International outsourcing over the business cycle: some intuition for Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia Levasseur, Sandrine 2010-11 Working paper
The Determinants of Capital Buffers in CEECs D'Arack, Francesco ; Levasseur, Sandrine 2007-10 Working paper
Labour market adjustments in Estonia during the global crisis Levasseur, Sandrine 2011-12 Working paper
Production under foreign ownership and domestic volatility: an empirical investigation at the sector level Levasseur, Sandrine 2011-03 Working paper