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Centre d'études européennes de Sciences Po (CEE)
28, rue des Saints-Pères 75007 Paris
  Roma Settlements, Contentious Politics and Policy Instruments Choice. A Comparative Approach to Varieties of Urban Conflicts 2011-05-19/2011-05-21 Urban conflicts. Ethno-National Divisions, States and Cities ; Vitale, Tommaso 2011-05 Communication non publiée
  To Tell or Not to Tell? Relevance and Political Performance of Opinion Pools Research on Roma and Sinti Prejudices Arrigoni, Paola ; Claps, Enrico ; 2009-09-10/2009-09-11 Extremism and the Roma and Sinti in Europe: Challenges, Risks and Responses” organised by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) and by the University College London ; Vitale, Tommaso 2009-09 Communication non publiée
  After the Industrial. Political Class, Élites and the Governance of Change in the Alto Milanese Tosi, Simone ; 2009-09-02/2009-09-05 European Society or European Societies? ; Vitale, Tommaso 2009-10 Communication non publiée
  Associationism as a Resource for Democracy. What’s about the Connection between Social Participation and Political Participation? Claps, Enrico ; 2009-09-17/2009-09-19 XXIII Convegno Sisp ; Vitale, Tommaso 2009-09 Communication non publiée
  Élites, gouvernement et politiques, le cas de Legnano 2010-11-17 Des PME, des villes, des classes moyennes et une ligue : Les transformations d’une grande région urbaine, l’Italie du Nord ; Vitale, Tommaso 2010-11 Communication non publiée
  Italy Breviglieri, Marc ; Vitale, Tommaso 2007 Rapport
  Social Justice Issues in Sociological Research on Socio-Economic, Organizational and Institutional Processes 2010-02-10 Lecture at the University of Bologna ; Vitale, Tommaso 2010-02 Communication non publiée
Regulation by Incentives: Analytical Tools for a Very Local Approach. An Institutional Framework Vitale, Tommaso ; Emmeneger, T 2004 Rapport
  Green Growth in Asian Metropolis. Preliminary Literature Review and Research Design Artigas, Alvaro ; Matsumoto, Tadashi ; Vitale, Tommaso 2013-04 Rapport
La compétition entre l'Europe et ses États en matière de libre circulation : le cas des Bulgares et des Roumains Casella-Colombeau, Sara ; Vitale, Tommaso 2015-11 Working paper
Roma: Oltre le baraccopoli Vitale, Tommaso 2016-03 Rapport
  When Public Choice Becomes Effective as a Byproduct, presented at the Conference “Democrazia locale. Apprendere dall’esperienza 2007-03-02 Conference organised by MAHLDENET (MAre Hadriaticum Local DEmocracy Cross-Border NETworks) ; Vitale, Tommaso 2007-03 Communication non publiée
  Contradiction and Reflexivity in Social Innovation - A Case Study from the De-Institutionalization Movement Vitale, Tommaso 2007 Rapport
  In the Midst of Differences, Discriminations and Inequalities: The Tricky Political Participation of Roma and Sinti in Milan 2007-09-13/2007-09-15 Politica, differenze e diseguaglianze ; Vitale, Tommaso 2007-09 Communication non publiée
  Policy Devices in Action. A research strategy for analyzing normative resources in a capability perspective Bifulco, Lavinia ; de Leonardis, Ota ; Mozzana, Carlotta ; Vitale, Tommaso 2007 Rapport
Rom e sinti in Italia. Condizione sociale e linee di politica pubblica Vitale, Tommaso 2010 Rapport
  Accès à l’eau potable dans les pays en développement : Les composantes des systèmes tarifaires à visée sociale et leurs réels impacts sur les populations cibles. Comment mettre en place un véritable tarif social ? Auby, Jean-Bernard ; Le Gaudu, Jules ; Roffo, Raphaëlle ; Sutra Del Galy, Alice ; Vitale, Tommaso 2013 Rapport
  The Italian State and the Roma Groups: Two or Three Variables I Know about it 2011-06-23/2011-06-25 SASE Conference “Transformations of Contemporary Capitalism: Actors, Institutions, Processes” ; Vitale, Tommaso 2011-06 Communication non publiée
  Dalla proposta alla protesta, e ritorno. Conflitti locali e innovazione politica Podestà, Noemi ; Vitale, Tommaso 2011-01 Livre
Les élites urbaines contribuent-elles au changement social ? Le Galès, Patrick 2016-06-16 Audiovisuel
  The network origin of plural identities: structural brokerage, diversity and cultural holes in international immigrants’ network 2014-02-18/2014-02-23 XXXIV Sunbelt Conference, workshop Network and culture ; Vitale, Tommaso 2014-01 Communication non publiée
  On the Margins of Urban Development. A Study about Quarto Oggiaro 2010-02-17 Lecture at the Catholic University of Milan ; Vitale, Tommaso 2010-02 Communication non publiée
  Le convenzioni del lavoro, il lavoro delle convenzioni Borghi, Vando ; Vitale, Tommaso 2007 Livre
Ai margini dello sviluppo urbano. Uno studio su Quarto Oggiaro Torri, Rossana ; Vitale, Tommaso 2009 Livre
  Continuous Persecution of Gypsies in Italian Local Societies? De-Historicization and an Historical-Ethnographic Link 2009-02-05 International Gender Studies Centre (IGS) ; Vitale, Tommaso 2009-02 Communication non publiée