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Centre d'études européennes de Sciences Po (CEE)
28, rue des Saints-Pères 75007 Paris
  Mobilità internazionale e mutamento politico. Recchi, Ettore ; Vitale, Tommaso 2015-10 Communication non publiée
  Le convenzioni del lavoro, il lavoro delle convenzioni Borghi, Vando ; Vitale, Tommaso 2007 Livre
  The Italian State and the Roma Groups: Two or Three Variables I Know about it 2011-06-23/2011-06-25 SASE Conference “Transformations of Contemporary Capitalism: Actors, Institutions, Processes” ; Vitale, Tommaso 2011-06 Communication non publiée
  Contradiction and Reflexivity in Social Innovation - A Case Study from the De-Institutionalization Movement Vitale, Tommaso 2007 Rapport
  Roma Settlements, Contentious Politics and Policy Instruments Choice. A Comparative Approach to Varieties of Urban Conflicts 2011-05-19/2011-05-21 Urban conflicts. Ethno-National Divisions, States and Cities ; Vitale, Tommaso 2011-05 Communication non publiée
  Urban Conflicts and Political Innovation: influenceand change for politics, policy and polity 2011-10-27/2011-10-28 Planning / conflict. Critical perspectives on contentious urban developments ; Vitale, Tommaso 2011-10 Communication non publiée
  Roma Criminalisation in Italian Cities. A Comparative-Historical Approach 2011-05-31 Criminalisation et répression politique en contextes organized by the CRAPUL ; Vitale, Tommaso 2011-05 Communication non publiée
In nome di chi? Partecipazione e rappresentanza nelle mobilitazioni locali Vitale, Tommaso 2007 Livre
  The Administrative Treatment of Roma and Sinti Populations in Milan 2007-11-14/2007-11-17 Les approches pragmatiques de l'action publique ; Vitale, Tommaso 2007-11 Communication non publiée
  To Tell or Not to Tell? Relevance and Political Performance of Opinion Pools Research on Roma and Sinti Prejudices Arrigoni, Paola ; Claps, Enrico ; 2009-09-10/2009-09-11 Extremism and the Roma and Sinti in Europe: Challenges, Risks and Responses” organised by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) and by the University College London ; Vitale, Tommaso 2009-09 Communication non publiée
  Urban Conflicts and Institutional Mediation. Public Administration, Roma Settlements and Normative Polarization Dynamics 2012-08-01/2012-08-04 Second ISA Forum of Sociology ; RC21 (Regional and Urban Development) ; Vitale, Tommaso 2012-08 Communication non publiée
  Odi et amo. Political Cultures Changing in Italian Peace Movements 2007-01-26/2007-01-27 Religions, Mobilizations, and Political Cultures ; Vitale, Tommaso 2007-01 Communication non publiée
  To Welcome and/or to Reject? Criss-Cross Views on Local Policies for « Roma Migrants » in France and Italy Legros, Olivier ; 2010-09-17 Understanding Homelessness and Housing Exclusion in the new European Context, organized by FEANTSA’s European Observatory on Homelessness ; Vitale, Tommaso 2010-09 Communication non publiée
  The Fallaci Moment in the Italian Public Space (2001-2006). Making and Effects of an Islamophobic Dominant Intellectual 2010-07-11/2010-07-17 XVII ISA World Congress of Sociology ; Cousin, Bruno ; RC5 (Racism, Nationalism and Ethnic Relations) program ; Vitale, Tommaso 2010-07 Communication non publiée
  Renouveau de la critique et islamophobie. Le cas italien d’Oriana Fallaci Cousin, Bruno ; 2011-09-05/2011-09-08 Congrès de l’Association Française de Sociologie, RT 27 Sociologie des intellectuels et de l'expertise : savoirs et pouvoirs ; Vitale, Tommaso 2011-09 Communication non publiée
La condizione giuridica di Rom e Sinti in Italia Bonetti, Paolo ; Simoni, Alessandro ; Vitale, Tommaso 2011-11 Livre
  Continuous Persecution of Gypsies in Italian Local Societies? De-Historicization and an Historical-Ethnographic Link 2009-02-05 International Gender Studies Centre (IGS) ; Vitale, Tommaso 2009-02 Communication non publiée
  L’histoire urbaine des groupes tsiganes en Italie 2008-12-02 Histoire et anthropologie des Tsiganes d’Europe ; Vitale, Tommaso 2008-12 Communication non publiée
  Local Policies for Roma and Sinti in Italy. A Comparative Historical Approach 2009-07-05/2009-07-08 Central European University Summer School on “Multi-Disciplinary and Cross-National Approaches to Romany Studies” ; Vitale, Tommaso 2009-07 Communication non publiée
  Multiple Dynamics of Persecution and Cohabitation in Italian cities. A Comparative Analysis to Avoid the Risks of De-Historicisation 2009-03-05/2009-03-07 Stockholm International Conference on the Discrimination and Persecution of Roma, Sinti and Travellers ; Vitale, Tommaso 2009-03 Communication non publiée
  Varieties of Roma Groups: A Historical – Comparative Analysis of Patterns of Economic Complementarities and Exclusion in Italian Societies 2009-07-16/2009-07-18 Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics 21st Annual Meeting "Capitalism in Crisis: What’s Next?” ; Vitale, Tommaso 2009-07 Communication non publiée
  In the Midst of Differences, Discriminations and Inequalities: The Tricky Political Participation of Roma and Sinti in Milan 2007-09-13/2007-09-15 Politica, differenze e diseguaglianze ; Vitale, Tommaso 2007-09 Communication non publiée
  Social Participation at the Urban Level and Local Politics in Lombardy 2007-09-20/2007-09-23 Politica e politiche locali ; Vitale, Tommaso 2007-09 Communication non publiée
  When Public Choice Becomes Effective as a Byproduct, presented at the Conference “Democrazia locale. Apprendere dall’esperienza 2007-03-02 Conference organised by MAHLDENET (MAre Hadriaticum Local DEmocracy Cross-Border NETworks) ; Vitale, Tommaso 2007-03 Communication non publiée
  Le traitement différentiel des tsiganes dans les villes du Nord de l'Italie: histoire de longue durée et action située 2008-02-13 Conférence organisée par l''INRP ; Vitale, Tommaso 2008-02 Communication non publiée