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Centre d'études européennes de Sciences Po (CEE)
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  Central – local relations in French waste recycling policy 2009-12-12/2009-12-12 Central-Local Relations in Environmental Governance: Comparative Perspectives ; Halpern, Charlotte 2009-12 Communication non publiée
  The Challenge to integration in France Brouard, Sylvain ; Tiberj, Vincent Immigration, Integration and Security: Europe and America in Comparative Perspective 2008-03 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Challenges to French Public Administration: Mapping the Vitality of its Knowledge Sources Bezes, Philippe The Oxford Handbook of French Politics 2016-11 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Change and Continuity in European Governance Boussaguet, Laurie ; Dehousse, Renaud ; Jacquot, Sophie 2010 Working paper
  Change and continuity in European governance, panel Slow but inclusive motion? New modes of governance and policy-making in the EU Boussaguet, Laurie ; Dehousse, Renaud ; Jacquot, Sophie ; 2011-08-27/2011-08-29 6th ECPR general conference 2011-06 Communication non publiée
  Changement Hoeffler, Catherine ; Ledoux, Clémence ; Prat, Pauline Dictionnaire de politiques publiques 2010-09 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Changement des valeurs et changements politiques Schweisguth, Etienne L'individualisation des valeurs 2010-06 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Changer le droit, changer la société : le moment d’un retournement Lascoumes, Pierre Genèses 2009 Article
The Changing Face of ‘Integration’ in a Mobile Europe Favell, Adrian Council For European Studies Newsletter 2013-07 Article
  Changing France: the politics that markets make Culpepper, Pepper D. ; Hall, Peter A. ; Palier, Bruno 2006-01 Livre
  Changing French Reconciliation Policies and the Usages of Europe: Reluctant Europeanization? Jacquot, Sophie ; Ledoux, Clémence ; Palier, Bruno The Europeanization of Gender Policies 2011-12 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  The Changing French Voter Boy, Daniel ; Mayer, Nonna The French Voter Decides 1993 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Changing Governance of Local Economies: Responses of European Local Production Systems Crouch, Colin ; Le Galès, Patrick ; Trigilia, Carlo ; Voeltzkow, Helmut 2004 Livre
  Changing Parties: An Anthropology of British Political Party Conferences Faucher, Florence 2005-12 Livre
Changing Politics: Towards a New Democracy Hay, Colin ; Alexander, Jon ; Alibhai-Brown, Yasmin ; Bailey, Julie ; Barker, William ; Bogdanor, Vernon ; Dommett, Kate ; Duffy, Bobby ; Flinders, Matthew ; Ghose, Katie ; Gordon, Michael ; Gottfried, Glenn ; Gregory-Jones, Shelley ; Howell, Steven ; Jellinek, Dan ; Jennings, Will ; Jones, Rhion ; Korris, Matt ; Kramer, Annette ; Leston-Bandeira, Cristina ; Macfarland, Caroline ; Miller, Carl ; Parry, Brian ; Sani, Michael ; Seaton, Jean ; Silk, Paul ; Stoker, Gerry ; Stoker, Deborah ; Waller, Paul 2015-01 Rapport
  Changing Support for Government Intervention in the U.S.: the Preferences of Income Groups and Partisans since the Reagan Era (1987-2009) Degeorges, Adrien ; 2009-12-18 Oxford-Sciences Po Joint Doctoral Seminar 2009-12 Communication non publiée
  Chapitre 8 : Les femmes plus vulnérables, mais résistantes Bozec, Géraldine ; Réguer-Petit, Manon Les Inaudibles. Sociologie politique des précaires 2015-03 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Chapitre sur la France Rozenberg, Olivier ; Parlement européen The Selection of Candidates for the European Parliament by National Parties and the Impact of European Political Parties 2009-03 Partie de rapport
  Chasing Freedom. Assessing the Role of National Parliaments in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. A comparative perspective of the reform of the Schengen Agreements and of the PNR agreements Tacea, Angela ; 2015-07-08/2015-07-10 22nd International Conference of Europeanists, “Contradictions: Envisioning European Futures, Council of European Studies (CES) 2015-07 Communication non publiée
  Child and Nation: A Study of Political Socialisation and Banal Nationalism in France and England Throssell, Katharine ; Duchesne, Sophie 2012-06 Thèse de doctorat
  China’s Climate Policy: Governing at the Core of Globalization Balme, Richard Carbon and Climate Law Review 2011-01 Article
  China’s new energy haven: opportunities and challenges in Central Asia Alinda Spaiser, Olga China’s energy security 2017 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Chinese micro-bloggers’ behaviors towards twiplomacy: Text analysis of British PM David Cameron’s micro-blogs Balme, Richard Electronic Communication. Political, Social and Education Uses 2015-07 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  From Chirac to Sarkozy: a New France? Cole, Alistair ; Levy, Jonah ; Le Galès, Patrick Developments in French Politics 4 2008 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Choisir les locataires du parc social ? Une approche ethnographique de la gestion des HLM Bourgeois, Marine Sociologie du Travail 2013-02 Article