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DAL et Jeudi noir : deux usages du squat dans la lutte contre le mal-logement Aguilera, Thomas Mé 2012-04-25 Article
  De-industrialisaiton and dualization Palier, Bruno ; 2013-05-03 Presentation to the department of social policy of National Tawain University 2013-05 Communication non publiée
  The Debates about Translation and Circulation in History and Organisational Sociology and their Application to the International History of Forecasting Rindzeviciute, Egle ; 2012-11-23 Seminar organized by Sciences Po, CERI 2012-11 Communication non publiée
  Debating about Europe at the French National Assembly: The failure of the rhetoric of unanimity Rozenberg, Olivier Parliament and Europe. Rhetorical and conceptual studies on their contemporary connections 2011-10 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Decentralisation and Territorial Reforms in France: How Constitutional Constraints Impact Strategies for Reform Le Lidec, Patrick Changing Federal Constitutions. Lessons from International Comparison 2012-05 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Decisiveness of elections and voter turnout under the French Fifth Republic, 1958-2002 2005-09-01 Congrès annuel de l'American political science association (APSA) ; Sauger, Nicolas 2005-09 Communication non publiée
  Defending our model Petrescu, Luana ; Palier, Bruno The Europeanisation of Social Policies 2007-09 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  The Defense of Economic Interests in the European Union: : The Case of Hedge Fund Regulation Woll, Cornelia Crisis and Control: Institutional Change in Financial Market Regulation 2012 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Degrees of Democracy. Politics, Public Opinion, and Policy Tiberj, Vincent Revue française de science politique 2011-02 Compte-rendu d’ouvrage
  Delegation of Powers in the European Union: The Need for a Multi-principals Model Dehousse, Renaud West European politics 2008-06 Article
  Delegation of Powers in the European Union: The Need for a Multi-principals Model? Dehousse, Renaud Towards a New Executive Order in Europe? 2009 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Dematerialization in the AV industry, from boxes to attention. A case study of a newcomer, Tivo Boullier, Dominique ; Huet, Frédéric Communications et stratégies 2008 Article
The Demise of Statism? Woll, Cornelia The French Fifth Republic at Fifty: Beyond Stereotypes 2009-01 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Does Democratic Consolidation Lead to Voter Turnout Decline? Worldwide Evidence since WWII (version 1.1) 2012-11-30/2012-12-01 ESA Political Sociology Research Network Conference ; Kostelka, Filip 2012-11 Communication non publiée
Democratic Control in the Member States of the European Council and the Euro zone summits Hefftler, Claudia ; Kreilinger, Valentin ; Rozenberg, Olivier ; Wessels, Wolfgang 2013 Rapport
  Democratic participation in the age of the citizen-consumer Faucher, Florence ; 2010-08-01 American Political Science Association 2010-08 Communication non publiée
  Democratizing’ British Labour? Inclusivity,Participation and Policy Education 2006-07-01 panel on The Comparative Study of Party Transformation: Moving Toward Democracy?, Congrès IPSA ; Faucher, Florence 2006-07 Communication non publiée
  Den framtida omsorgens utmaning i Europa Morel, Nathalie Framtider 2009-03 Article
  Depoliticisation as process, governance as practice: what did the 'first wave' get wrong and do we need a 'second wave' to put it right? Hay, Colin Policy and Politics 2014-04 Article
  Depuis quand peut-on parler d’histoire sociale en Europe ? Andersson, Jenny ; 2008-10-01 Rendez vous de l’Histoire 2008-10 Communication non publiée
  Destins ordinaires. Identité singulière et mémoire partagée Haegel, Florence ; Lavabre, Marie-Claire 2010-02 Livre
  Determinatns of interest group participation from old and new EU memberstates in the Commission policy consultation process Gross, Vlad ; 2012-03-22/2012-03-24 4th Graduate Network Conference 2012-03 Communication non publiée
  Developments in French Politics 4 Cole, Alistair ; Levy, Jonah ; Le Galès, Patrick 2008 Livre
  Developments in French Politics 5 Cole, Alistair ; Meunier, Sophie ; Tiberj, Vincent 2013-05 Livre
  Developments in French politics 3 Cole, Alistair ; Le Galès, Patrick ; Levy, Jonah 2005 Livre