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A Signaling Theory of Distributive Policy Choice: Evidence from Senegal Gottlieb, Jessica ; Grossman, Guy ; Larreguy, Horacio ; Marx, Benjamin Journal of Politics, The 2019-02 Article
Brands in motion: How frictions shape multinational production Mayer, Thierry ; Head, Keith American Economic Review 2019 Article
  Economic Policy: Theory and Practice Bénassy-Quéré, Agnès ; Coeuré, Benoit ; Jacquet, Pierre ; Pisani-Ferry, Jean 2019-01 Book
Wage Insurance, Part-Time Unemployment Insurance and Short-Time Work in the XXI Century Cahuc, Pierre 2018-12 Working paper
Vertical Integration and Foreclosure: Evidence from Production Network Data Boehm, Johannes ; Sonntag, Jan 2018-12 Working paper
The Impact of Contract Enforcement Costs on Outsourcing and Aggregate Productivity Boehm, Johannes 2018-12 Working paper
Essays on Investment and Saving Elgouacem, Assia ; Coeurdacier, Nicolas 2018-12 Doctoral (Phd) thesis
Trois essais en économie politique Louis-Sidois, Charles ; Henry, Emeric 2018-12 Doctoral (Phd) thesis
Etude sur la « gratuité » des transports en commun à Paris David, Quentin ; Del Fabbro, Matteo ; Vertier, Paul 2018-12 Report
Capital Flows in an Aging World Barany, Zsofia ; Coeurdacier, Nicolas ; Guibaud, Stéphane 2018-12 Working paper
  Communication with evidence in the lab Hagenbach, Jeanne ; Perez, Eduardo Games and Economic Behavior 2018-11 Article
France: Social protection for the self-employed Cahuc, Pierre The Future of Social Protection 2018-11 Part or chapter of a book
Euro area reform: An anatomy of the debate Pisani-Ferry, Jean CEPS Policy Insights 2018-11 Article
La gravité du commerce Chaney, Thomas COGITO, la lettre de la recherche à Sciences Po 2018-11 Web site contribution
Gender Quotas in Hiring Committees: a Boon or a Bane for Women? Deschamps, Pierre 2018-11 Working paper
For Good Measure Stiglitz, Joseph ; Fitoussi, Jean-Paul ; Durand, Martine 2018-11 Report
Beyond GDP Stiglitz, Joseph ; Fitoussi, Jean-Paul ; Durand, Martine 2018-11 Report
  Confiance, coopération et autonomie : pour une école du XXIe siècle Algan, Yann ; Huillery, Élise ; Prost, Corinne Les notes du Conseil d’Analyse Économique 2018-10 Article
The cost of agglomeration: Land prices in cities Combes, Pierre-Philippe ; Duranton, Gilles ; Gobillon, Laurent Review of Economic Studies 2018-10 Article
  Les discriminations au travail Carcillo, Stéphane ; Valfort, Marie-Anne 2018-10 Book
Migrants, Ancestors and Foreign Investments Buchardi, Konrad B ; Chaney, Thomas ; Hassan, Tarek A Review of Economic Studies 2018-10 Article
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Tax Revenues and the Fiscal Cost of Trade Liberalization, 1792-2006 Cage, Julia ; Gadenne, Lucie Explorations in Economic History 2018-10 Article
Réformer les règles budgétaires européennes : simplification, stabilisation et soutenabilité Zsolt, Darvas ; Martin, Philippe ; Ragot, Xavier Les notes du Conseil d’Analyse Économique 2018-09 Article
Exports and labor costs: Evidence from a French Policy Malgouyres, Clément ; Mayer, Thierry Review of World Economics 2018-08 Article