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  Rewarding Trading Skills Without Inducing Gambling Makarov, Igor ; Plantin, Guillaume Journal of Finance, The (AFA) 2015-06 Article
Comment lutter contre la violence et le harcèlement à l'école et au collège ? Algan, Yann ; Huillery, Elise ; Guyon, Nina Sciences Po LIEPP Policy Brief 2015-06 Article
How Social Networks Shape Our Beliefs: A Natural Experiment among Future French Politicians Algan, Yann ; Do, Quoc-Anh ; Dalvit, Nicolò ; Le Chapelain, Alexis ; Zenou, Yves 2015-06 Working paper
Neighbor Discrimination: Theory and evidence from the French rental market Combes, Pierre-Philippe ; Decreuse, Bruno ; Schmutz, Benoît, Department Of Economics) ; Trannoy, Alain 2015-06 Working paper
  Likelihood inference in an autogression with fixed effects Jochmans, Koen ; Dhaene, Geert Econometric Theory 2015-05 Article
Political Origins and Implications of the Economic Crisis in Russia Guriev, Sergei Putin's Russia 2015-05 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Duality in Dynamic Discrete Choice Models Chiong, Khai ; Galichon, Alfred ; Shum, Matt Quantitative Economics 2015-05 Article
Shopping Time Petrosky-Nadeau, Nicolas ; Wasmer, Etienne ; Zeng, Shutian 2015-05 Working paper
  Le capital logement contribue-t-il aux inégalités? Bonnet, Odran ; Bono, Pierre-Henri ; Chapelle, Guillaume ; Wasmer, Etienne Revue d’économie politique 2015-05 Article
Macroeconomic Dynamics in a Model of Goods, Labor and Credit Market Frictions Petrosky-Nadeau, Nicolas ; Wasmer, Etienne Journal of Monetary Economics 2015-05 Article
Interim Bayesian Persuasion: First Steps Perez, Eduardo American Economic Review 2015-05 Article
Migration Externalities in China Combes, Pierre-Philippe ; Démurger, Sylvie ; Li, Shi European Economic Review 2015-05 Article
The Welfare Cost of Inflation Risk Under Imperfect Insurance Allais, Olivier ; Algan, Yann ; Challe, Edouard ; Ragot, Xavier 2015-05 Working paper
From Micro to Macro: Demand, Supply, and Heterogeneity in the Trade Elasticity Bas, Maria ; Mayer, Thierry ; Thoenig, Mathias 2015-05 Working paper
Inference on Mixtures Under Tail Restrictions Henry, Marc ; Jochmans, Koen ; Salanié, Bernard 2015-04 Working paper
Destabilizing carry trades Plantin, Guillaume ; Shin, Hyun Song 2015-04 Working paper
Wages and Informality in Developing Countries Meghir, Costas ; Narita, Renata ; Robin, Jean-Marc American Economic Review 2015-04 Article
Comment lutter contre la violence et le harcèlement à l’école et au collège ? Algan, Yann ; Guyon, Nina ; Huillery, Elise 2015-04 Rapport
The Political Legacy of Entertainment TV Durante, Ruben ; Pinotti, Paolo ; Tesei, Andrea 2015-04 Working paper
Political Connections and Firm Value: Evidence from the Regression Discontinuity Design of Close Gubernatorial Elections Do, Quoc-Anh ; Lee, Yen-Teik ; Nguyen, Bang Dang 2015-04 Working paper
Family Values and the Regulation of Labor Alesina, Alberto ; Algan, Yann ; Cahuc, Pierre ; Giuliano, Paola Journal of the European Economic Association 2015-04 Article
Dynamic aid allocation Carter, Patrick ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien ; Temple, Jonathan Journal of International Economics 2015-03 Article
Immigration and Wage Dynamics: Evidence from the Mexican Peso Crisis Monras, Joan 2015-03 Working paper
When Bonds Matter: Home Bias in Goods and Assets Coeurdacier, Nicolas ; Gourinchas, Pierre-Olivier 2015-03 Working paper
Financial Incentives are Counterproductive in Non-Profit Sectors: Evidence from a Health Experiment Huillery, Elise ; Seban, Juliette 2015-03 Working paper