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The Gravity Equation in International Trade: An Explanation Chaney, Thomas 2013-08 Working paper
  Trust and Growth Algan, Yann ; Cahuc, Pierre Annual Review of Economics 2013-08 Article
Accounting for Endogeneity in Matching Function Estimation Borowczyk-Martins, Daniel ; Jolivet, Grégory ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien Review of Economic Dynamics 2013-07 Article
Optimal Project Selection Mechanisms Bar, Talia ; Gordon, Sidartha 2013-07 Working paper
Search, Project Adoption and the Fear of Commitment Atal, Vidya ; Bar, Talia ; Gordon, Sidartha 2013-07 Working paper
Ambiguïté, identification partielle et politique environnementale Galichon, Alfred ; Henry, Marc Revue économique 2013-07 Article
Teaching Practices and Social Capital Algan, Yann ; Cahuc, Pierre ; Shleifer, Andrei American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2013-07 Article
Cooperation in Peer-Production Economy: Experimental Evidence from Wikipedia Algan, Yann ; Benkler, Yochai ; Fuster Morell, Mayo ; Hergueux, Jerome 2013-07 Working paper
The Employment of the Low-Skilled Youth in France Cahuc, Pierre ; Carcillo, Stéphane ; Zimmermann, Klaus F. 2013-06 Working paper
Can Public Sector Wage Bills Be Reduced? Cahuc, Pierre ; Carcillo, Stéphane Fiscal Policy after the Financial Crisis 2013-06 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Le contrat de travail unique: quid pro quo ou simple quiproquo ? Lepage-Saucier, Nicolas ; Schleich, Juliette ; Wasmer, Etienne Sciences Po LIEPP Policy Brief 2013-06 Article
Voting Alone? The Political and Cultural Consequences of Commercial TV Durante, Ruben ; Pinotti, Paolo ; Tesei, Andrea 2013-06 Working paper
  Equilibrium Subprime Lending Makarov, Igor ; Plantin, Guillaume Journal of Finance 2013-06 Article
Les enjeux économiques du droit des faillites Plantin, Guillaume ; Thesmar, David ; Tirole, Jean 2013-06 Rapport
An Equilibrium Search Model of Synchronized Sales Albrecht, James ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien ; Vroman, Susan International Economic Review 2013-05 Article
Market Size, Division of Labor, and Firm Productivity Chaney, Thomas ; Ossa, Ralph Journal of International Economics 2013-05 Article
Energie et compétitivité Bureau, Dominique ; Fontagné, Lionel ; Martin, Philippe 2013-05 Rapport
School Resources, Behavioral Responses and School Quality Beasley, Elizabeth ; Huillery, Elise 2013-04 Working paper
Moving towards a single contract ? Pros, cons, and mixed feelings Lepage-Saucier, Nicolas ; Schleich, Juliette ; Wasmer, Etienne Sciences Po LIEPP Policy Brief 2013-04 Article
Hiv/Aids And Poverty In South Africa: A Bayesian Estimation Of Selection Models With Correlated Fixed-Effects Murtin, Fabrice ; Marzo, Federica South African Journal of Economics 2013-03 Article
Do large departments make academics more productive? Agglomeration and peer effects in research Bosquet, Clément ; Combes, Pierre-Philippe 2013-03 Working paper
  Le théorème du lampadaire Fitoussi, Jean-Paul 2013-03 Livre
One Mandarin Benefits the Whole Clan: Hometown Favoritism in an Authoritarian Regime Do, Quoc-Anh ; Nguyen, Kieu-Trang ; Tran, Anh N. 2013-03 Working paper
Isolated Capital Cities and Misgovernance: Theory and Evidence 1978-02- Campante, Filipe R. ; Do, Quoc-Anh ; Guimaraes, Bernardo 2013-03 Working paper
Isolated Capital Cities, Accountability and Corruption: Evidence from US States Do, Quoc-Anh ; 1978-02- Campante, Filipe R. 2013-03 Working paper