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  A theory of wages and labor demand with intra-firm bargaining and matching frictions Cahuc, Pierre ; Marque, François ; Wasmer, Etienne International Economic Review 2008-08 Article
Local Social Capital and Geographical Mobility: Some Empirics and a Conjecture on the Nature of European Unemployment Janiak, Alexandre ; David, Quentin ; Wasmer, Etienne 2008-08 Working paper
Une décision inutile et risquée Fitoussi, Jean-Paul Le 2008-07-03 Article de presse ou magazine
  Make Trade Not War? Martin, Philippe ; Mayer, Thierry ; Thoenig, Mathias The review of economic studies 2008-07 Article
  Links between labor supply and unemployment: theory and empirics Wasmer, Etienne Journal of Population Economics 2008-07 Article
Croissance : des Cassandre aux Candide Fitoussi, Jean-Paul Le Monde des Débats 2008-06-02 Article de presse ou magazine
How to Safeguard General Support and Legitimacy of Monetary Policy during Times of Economic Distress in a Monetary Union? Fitoussi, Jean-Paul 2008-06 Rapport
Spatial Concentration and Firm-Level Productivity in France Martin, Philippe ; Mayer, Thierry ; Mayneris, Florian 2008-06 Working paper
North by Northwest : What's Wrong with the French Model and How Can the Nordic Model Help ? Laurent, Eloi ; Fitoussi, Jean-Paul 2008-06 Working paper
  Loan Sales and Relationship Banking Parlour, Christine ; Plantin, Guillaume Journal of Finance 2008-06 Article
How Remote is the Offshoring Threat ? Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry ; Ries, John 2008-05-27 Working paper
A Link Between Housing Markets and Labor Markets: Time to Move and Aggregate Unemployment Rupert, Peter ; Wasmer, Etienne ; 2008-05-22/2008-05-25 Seventh IZA/SOLE Transatlantic Meeting of Labor Economists 2008-05-24 Communication non publiée
North by Northwest: What's Wrong with the French Model and How Can the Nordic Model Help. The Nordic Model: Solutions for Continental Europe’s Problems?”, Center for European Studies, Harvard University, May 9-10, 2008. Fitoussi, Jean-Paul ; Laurent, Eloi ; 2008-05-09/2008-05-10 The Nordic Model: Solutions for Continental Europe’s Problems?” 2008-05-09 Communication non publiée
  Keynésianisme et social-démocratie Laurent, Eloi ; Fitoussi, Jean-Paul L'Ena hors les murs 2008-05 Article
Horizontal Equity Galbiati, Roberto ; Vertova, Pietro Economica 2008-05 Article
  Marking-to-Market: Panacea or Pandora's Box? Plantin, Guillaume ; Sapra, Haresh ; Shin, Hyun Song Journal of Accounting Research 2008-05 Article
Civil Wars and International Trade Martin, Philippe ; Mayer, Thierry ; Thoenig, Mathias Journal of the European Economic Association 2008-04 Article
Market Potential and Development Mayer, Thierry 2008-04 Working paper
Débat sur les perspectives économiques à court terme du 21 avril 2008 Baudchon, Hélène ; Vergnaud, Eric ; Fitoussi, Jean-Paul ; Heyer, Eric ; Timbeau, Xavier Revue de l'OFCE 2008-04 Article
An international comparison of lifetime labor income values and inequality Bowlus, Audra J. ; Robin, Jean-Marc 2008-04 Working paper
Un plan de rigueur est-il nécessaire ? Fitoussi, Jean-Paul 2008-03-31 Article de presse ou magazine
  Mieux vaut endetter l'Etat que les Français ! Fitoussi, Jean-Paul 2008-03-29 Article de presse ou magazine
  Le rapport Attali a été survendu Fitoussi, Jean-Paul Le 2008-03-28 Article de presse ou magazine
  Un Etat endetté vaut mieux que des ménages endettés Fitoussi, Jean-Paul 2008-03-28 Article de presse ou magazine
ECB Objectives and Tasks: Price Stability vs. Lender of Last Resort Fitoussi, Jean-Paul 2008-03 Rapport