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Département d'économie (ECON)
28, rue des Saints-Pères
Paris 75007,  FRANCE
Scientific Project, SciencesPo-LIEPP Interdisciplinary research center for the evaluation of public policies Wasmer, Etienne ; Woll, Cornelia 2011-06 Working paper
Essay on Four Issues in Public Policy Evaluation Givord, Pauline ; Algan, Yann 2011-06 Thèse de doctorat
Income inequality and the progressivity of taxes in a coalition formation model Barany, Zsofia 2011-06 Working paper
Macroeconomic Dynamics in a Model of Goods, Labor and Credit Market Frictions Petrovsky-Nadeau, Nicolas ; Wasmer, Etienne 2011-05-26 Working paper
A steady-state model of a non-walrasian economy with three imperfect markets Wasmer, Etienne 2011-05 Working paper
The erosion of colonial trade linkages after independence Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry ; Ries, John Journal of International Economics 2011-05 Article
  Est-il vraiment important que les marchés soient efficients ? Tibi, Philippe ; Galichon, Alfred Revue Banque 2011-05 Article de presse ou magazine
Identification in Bivariate binary-choice Models with elliptical innovations Jochmans, Koen 2011-04-15 Working paper
  Are specific skills an obstacle to labor market adjustment? Lamo, Ana ; Messina, Julian ; Wasmer, Etienne Labour Economics 2011-04 Article
Market size, competition, and the product mix of exporters Mayer, Thierry ; Melitz, Marc J. ; Ottaviano, Gianmarco 2011-04 Working paper
Waiting to Imitate: On the Dynamic Pricing of Knowledge Ponce, Carlos J. ; Henry, Emeric 2011-04 Working paper
Exposure to foreign media and changes in cultural traits: evidence from naming patterns in france Disdier, Anne-Célia ; Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry Journal of International Economics 2011-03 Article
Public support to clusters. A firm level study of french 'local productive systems' Martin, Philippe ; Mayer, Thierry ; Mayneris, Florian Regional Science and Urban Economics 2011-03 Article
  International portfolio diversification is better than you think Coeurdacier, Nicolas ; Guibaud, Stéphane Journal of International Money and Finance 2011-03 Article
  Civil society and the state: the interplay between cooperation and minimum wage regulation Aghion, Philippe ; Cahuc, Pierre ; Algan, Yann Journal of the European Economic Association 2011-02 Article
The minimum wage and inequality - the effects of education and technology Barany, Zsofia 2011-02 Working paper
Production externalities: internalization by voting Tvede, Mich ; Crès, Hervé 2011 Working paper
  Ex-ante and ex-post evaluation of the 1989 French welfare reform using a natural experiment : the 1908 social laws in Alsace-Moselle Chemin, Matthieu ; Wasmer, Etienne 2011 Working paper
The risky steady state Winant, Pablo ; Rey, Hélène ; Coeurdacier, Nicolas 2011 Manuscrit en cours
Aggregation of multiple prior opinions Crès, Hervé ; Gilboa,, Itzhak ; Vieille , Nicolas Journal of Public Economic Theory 2011 Article
Gravity, market potential and development Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry Journal of Economic Geography 2011 Article
Inefficiencies in technology transfer: theory and empirics Allain, Marie-Laure ; Henry, Emeric ; Kyle, Margaret K. 2011-01 Working paper
Spatial concentration and plant-level productivity in france Martin, Philippe ; Mayer, Thierry ; Mayneris, Florian Journal of Urban Economics 2011 Article
  Set identification in models with multiple equilibria Henry, Marc ; Galichon, Alfred Review of Economic Studies 2011 Article
  The effects at home of initiating production abroad: evidence from matched french firms Jean, Sébastien ; Hijzen, Alexander ; Mayer, Thierry 2011 Manuscrit en cours
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