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Woll, Cornelia
Économie politique comparée et internationale, lobbying, groupes d'intérêt fin ...
  A Rejoinder by the Author Woll, Cornelia Accounting, Economics and Law: A Convivium 2016-03 Article
  Lobbies et groupes d’intérêt Woll, Cornelia Questions internationales 2013-09 Article
  A Symposium on Financial Power Woll, Cornelia Accounting, Economics and Law: A Convivium 2016-03 Article
The Road to External Representation: the European Commission's Activism in International Air Transport Woll, Cornelia Journal of European Public Policy 2006-01 Article
  The brash and the soft-spoken: Lobbying styles in a transatlantic comparison Woll, Cornelia Interest Groups & Advocacy 2012-10 Article
  Economic Patriotism: Reinventing Control Over Open Markets Woll, Cornelia ; Clift, Ben Journal of European Public Policy 2012-04 Article
  From Agenda-Setting to Resilence: French Policy- Making Adaptation to Europe Woll, Cornelia ; Balme, Richard Chinese Public Administration Review 2009-08 Article
Leading the Dance? Power and Political Resources of Business Lobbyists Woll, Cornelia Journal of Asian Public Policy 2007 Article
Politics in the Interest of Capital: A Not-So-Organized Combat Woll, Cornelia EU Political Economy Bulletin 2014-12 Article
  Open skies, closed markets: Future games in the negotiation of international air transport Woll, Cornelia Review of International Political Economy 2012-12 Article
  Europe and the Transformation of French Policy-Making: A Cross-sectoral Approach Woll, Cornelia ; Balme, Richard Zeitschrift für Staats- und Europawissenschaften 2005-11 Article
  Myths and Realities of the Banking Lobby Woll, Cornelia World Politics Review 2014-07 Article
Lobbying under Pressure Woll, Cornelia Journal of Common Market Studies 2013-05 Article
When Trade Liberalization Turns into Regulatory Reform: The Impact on Business-Government Relations in International Trade Politics Woll, Cornelia ; Artigas, Alvaro Regulation & Governance 2007-06 Article
From National Champions to Global Players? Lobbying by Dominant Providers during the WTO’s Basic Telecom Negotiations Woll, Cornelia Business and Society 2007-06 Article
Lobbying in the European Union: From Sui Generis to a Comparative Perspective Woll, Cornelia Journal of European Public Policy 2006-04 Article
La réforme du Medef : chronique des difficultés de l'action collective patronale Woll, Cornelia Revue française de science politique 2006 Article
  Vers des compétences externes : l’activisme de la commission européenne en matière d’aviation internationale Woll, Cornelia Politique européenne 2005 Article
National Business Associations under Stress: Lessons from the French Case Woll, Cornelia West European Politics 2006-05 Article
Bank Rescue Schemes in Continental Europe: The Power of Collective Inaction Woll, Cornelia Government and Opposition 2014-07 Article
Moral categories in the financial crisis Fourcade, Marion ; Steiner, Philippe ; Streeck, Wolfgang ; Woll, Cornelia Socio-Economic Review 2013-07 Article
The future of international political economy Johnson, Juliet ; Mügge, Daniel ; Seabrooke, Leonard ; Woll, Cornelia ; Grabel, Ilene ; Gallagher, Kevin Review of International Political Economy 2013-11 Article
  Action publique européenne : les acteurs stratégiques face à l’Europe Jacquot, Sophie ; Woll, Cornelia Politique européenne 2008 Article
Usage of European Integration – Europeanisation from a Sociological Perspective Jacquot, Sophie ; Woll, Cornelia EIoP European Integration Online Papers 2003-12-30 Article
Using Europe: Strategic Action in Multi-Level Politics Woll, Cornelia ; Jacquot, Sophie Comparative European Politics 2010-04 Article
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