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Storper, Michael
Géographie économique, Mondialisation, Sociologie des entreprises, Technologie
  Justice, efficiency and economic geography: should places help one another to develop? Storper, Michael European urban and Regional Studies 2011-01 Article
The increasing importance of geographical proximity in knowledge production: an analysis of US patent citations, 1975 – 1997 Won Sonn, Jung ; Storper, Michael Environment and Planning A 2008-05 Article
Sociedad, Comunidad y Desarollo Economico Storper, Michael Ekonomiaz 2005 Article
Better Rules or Stronger Communities? On the Social Foundations of Institutional Change and Its Economic Effects Rodriguez-Pose, Andres ; Storper, Michael Economic Geography 2006-01 Article
Commentary on 2013 Roepke Lecture Financial Literacy in Context Storper, Michael Economic Geography 2014 Article
  Community and Economics Storper, Michael Community, Economic Creativity and Organization 2008 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Buzz: Face-to-face contact and the urban economy Venables, Anthony ; Storper, Michael Clusters, Networks and Innovation 2006 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Rising trade costs? Agglomeration and trade with endogenous transaction costs Duranton, Gilles ; Storper, Michael Canadian Journal of Economics 2008-02 Article
  The Geographical Processes Behind Innovation : A Europe-United States Comparative analysis 2007-04-20/2007-04-21 Conférence de DIME sur "Agglomeration and Growth in Knowledge-based Societies", Kiel Institute for the World Economy ; Storper, Michael 2007 Communication non publiée
  The Geographical Foundations of Innovation : A Europe-US Comparative Analysis 2007-06-18/2007-06-20 DRUID Summer Conference, "Appropriability, Proximity, Routines and Innovation" ; Storper, Michael 2007-06 Communication non publiée
  Justice, Equity and Geography Storper, Michael ; 2010-04-14/2010-04-18 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG) 2010-04-14 Communication non publiée
  Mysteries of Economic Development: Los Angeles and San Francisco since 1970 Storper, Michael ; Kemeny, Thomas ; 2010-02-26/2010-02-26 Cities, Urban Form, and Growth - 2010 Rena Sivitanidou Annual Research Symposium 2010-02-26 Communication non publiée
  Amenities, Specialization, Institutions: What Explains US Metropolitan Income Levels? Storper, Michael ; Kemeny, Thomas ; 2010-12-13/2010-12-14 Urban development: patterns, causes, foundations, and policy 2010-12-14 Communication non publiée
  The New Economic Geography at Middle Age Storper, Michael ; Krugman, Paul ; 2010-04-14/2010-04-18 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG) 2010-04-16 Communication non publiée
  Why do Cities Grow ? Institutions and the Urban Economy 2007-01-01 University of Amsterdam ; Storper, Michael 2007 Communication non publiée
  Regional Context and Global Trade 2008-07-21/2008-07-23 Conférence annuelle de SASE (Society for the Advancement of SocioEconomics,), “Economic Flexibility an Social Stability in the Age of Globalization” ; Storper, Michael 2008-07 Communication non publiée
  Metropolitan Growth: Three Ideas in Search of Evidence 2008-05-31/2008-06-01 Fudan University Conference on "Diversity and Dynamics of Globalizing City-Region: Asian (Shanghai) and European (German) Cases Compared" ; Storper, Michael 2008 Communication non publiée
The geographical processes behind innovation: A Europe-United States comparative analysis Crescenzi, Riccardo ; Rodriguez-Pose, Andres ; Storper, Michael 2007 Working paper
  The Economics of Trade, Location and Context: Another ‘Great Transformation? 2008-03-01 Roepke Lecture in Economic Geography, Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting ; Storper, Michael 2008 Communication non publiée
  Metropolitan Economies in the Global Economy 2006-05-03/2006-05-04 Regiones Capitales ; Storper, Michael 2006 Communication non publiée
  Community and Economics 2006-10-27/2006-10-28 Conference sur "Innovation and Communities of Practice", DIME (Dynamics of Innovation in the Market Economy, EU “Network of Excellence”) ; Storper, Michael 2006 Communication non publiée
  Regional Context and Global Trade 2008-06-18/2008-06-20 DRUID Summer Conference, "Entrpreneurship and Innovation" ; Storper, Michael 2008-06 Communication non publiée
  The "Seven Cs" of Technology and Geography: Codes, Channels, Clustering, Communities, Context, Coordination, Competition Storper, Michael ; 2010-04-05/2010-04-08 Plenary Session on “The paradox of localization and globalization” - DIME (Dynamics of Industries, Markets, Enterprise) – Program of the European Union 6th Research Framework 2010-04-06 Communication non publiée
  Keys to the City Storper, Michael 2013-06 Livre
  The Rise and Fall of Urban Economies Storper, Michael ; Kemeny, Thomas ; Osman, Taner ; Makarem, Naji, Institutional Research Information Service 2015-08 Livre