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Nesta, Lionel
Innovation, Politiques industrielles, Economie politique Commerce internationa ...
Innovation et sélection des firmes Fontana, Roberto ; Nesta, Lionel ; Selosse, Sandrine Revue de l'OFCE 2007-01 Article
  Firm knowledge and market value in biotechnology Nesta, Lionel ; Saviotti, Pier Paolo Industrial and Corporate Change 2006-08 Article
Caractéristiques et performances des firmes exportatrices françaises Bellone, Flora ; Musso, Patrick ; Nesta, Lionel ; Quéré, Michel Revue de l'OFCE 2006-07 Article
  University Patenting and its Effects on Academic Research: the Emerging European Evidence Geuna, Aldo ; Nesta, Lionel Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis : Research and Practice 2006-07 Article
Productivity and market selection of french manufacturing firms in the nineties Bellone, Flora ; Musso, Patrick ; Quéré, Michel ; Nesta, Lionel Revue de l'OFCE 2006-06 Article
  Product Entry in a Fast Growing Industry: The LAN Switch Market Fontana, Roberto ; Nesta, Lionel Journal of Evolutionary Economics 2006-04 Article
Productivity and Market Selection of French Manufacturing Firms in the Nineties Nesta, Lionel ; Bellone, Flora ; Musso, Patrick ; Quéré, Michel 2006-02 Working paper
  Intangible Assets and Market Value Nesta, Lionel Applied Evolutionary Economics and the Knowledge-based Economy 2006 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Knowledge and Productivity in the World's Largest Manufacturing Corporations Nesta, Lionel 2005-11 Working paper
  Coherence of the Knowledge Base and the Firms’ Innovative Performance. Evidence from the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry Nesta, Lionel ; Saviotti, Pier Paolo Journal of Industrial Economics 2005-03 Article
Knowledge Specialisation and the Organisation of Competencies Nesta, Lionel ; Dibiaggio, Ludovic Revue d'économie industrielle 2005 Article
  Knowledge organization and firms specialisation in biotechnology Nesta, Lionel ; Dibiaggio, Ludovic Complexity and the Economy. Implications for Economic Policy 2005 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  National Patterns of Technology Accumulation: Use of Patent Statistics Nesta, Lionel ; Patel, Parimal Handbook of quantitative science and technology research. The use of publication and patent statistics in studies of S&T systems 2004 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Technology Strategy and Knowledge Dynamics: The Case of Biotech Nesta, Lionel ; Dibiaggio, Ludovic Industry and Innovation 2003-09 Article
  The Knowledge Base of the Firm in Biotechnology based Sectors: Properties and Performance Nesta, Lionel ; Maupertuis, Nanette ; Saviotti, Pier Paolo International Journal of Biotechnology 2003 Article
  Industry Life Cycle, Knowledge Generation and Technological Networks Nesta, Lionel ; Mangematin, Vincent Networks, alliances and partnerships in the innovation process 2002 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  What kind of Knowledge can a firm absorb? Nesta, Lionel ; Mangematin, Vincent International Journal of Technology Management 1999 Article
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