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Favell, Adrian
A Istanbul, l'anti-conservatisme urbain de l'AKP (Interview) Favell, Adrian Zaman 2013-06-08 Article de presse ou magazine
  Alternate Futures: Japanese Contemporary Art & Architecture in Global Context Favell, Adrian 2014-07 Site Web
Bye Bye Little Boy Favell, Adrian Art in America 2011-04 Article
The Changing Face of ‘Integration’ in a Mobile Europe Favell, Adrian Council For European Studies Newsletter 2013-07 Article
  Compte rendu de Social Class in Contemporary Japan: Structures, Sorting and Strategies Favell, Adrian Social Forces 2011-04 Compte-rendu d’ouvrage
Compte-rendu de Democracy in Europe: The EU and National Polities Favell, Adrian American Journal of Sociology 2009-07 Compte-rendu d’ouvrage
  Compte-rendu de Euroclash: The EU, European Identity and the Future of Europe Favell, Adrian Archives européennes de sociologie 2008-03 Compte-rendu d’ouvrage
  Compte-rendu de LA Story: Immigrant Workers and the Future of the U.S. Labor Movement et de Deflecting Immigration: Networks, Markets and Regulation in Los Angeles Favell, Adrian Ethnic and Racial Studies 2009-09 Compte-rendu d’ouvrage
  Compte-rendu de l'ouvrage : The Age of Migration (3rd ed.) Favell, Adrian Ethnic and Racial Studies 2006-01 Compte-rendu d’ouvrage
  The Contemporary Art Market in Galapagos: Japan and the Global Art World Favell, Adrian Cosmopolitan Canvases 2015-03 Partie ou chapitre de livre
After Cool Japan: contemporary art in the post-bubble, post-disaster society 2012-10-19 Seminar lecture at Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies ; Favell, Adrian 2012-06 Communication non publiée
  Creative East-West cosmopolitanism? The changing role of international mobility for young Japanese contemporary artists Favell, Adrian Transnational Trajectories: Nation, Citizenship and Region in East Asia 2015-01 Partie ou chapitre de livre
European Union versus European Society: New Disciplinary Perspectives on EU Studies 2013-04-12 Graduate Student Conference ; Favell, Adrian 2012-04 Communication non publiée
  European citizenship in three Eurocities: a sociological approach to the European Union Favell, Adrian Politique européenne 2010-03 Article
  European identity and European citizenship in three “Eurocities”: A sociological approach to the European Union Favell, Adrian Politique européenne 2010 Article
The Europeanisation of Everyday Life: Cross-Border Practices and Transnational Identifications Among EU and Third-Country Citizens State of the Art Report Favell, Adrian ; Recchi, Ettore ; Kuhn, Theresa ; Solgaard Jensen, Janne ; Klein, Juliane 2011-10 Working paper
  Eurostars and Eurocities: Free Movement and Mobility in an Integrating Europe Favell, Adrian 2008 Livre
  Everyday Europe Recchi, Ettore ; Favell, Adrian 2019-02 Livre
  Governmentality, Political Field or Public Sphere? Theoretical Alternatives in the Political Sociology of the EU Zimmermann, Ann ; Favell, Adrian European Journal of Social Theory 2011-12 Article
The Human Face of EU Migration 2013-03-22 European Citizenship Conference 2013 ; Favell, Adrian 2013-03 Communication non publiée
  The Human Face of Global Mobility: International Highly Skilled Migration in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific, Smith, Peter ; Favell, Adrian 2006-03 Livre
Immigration, Integration and Mobility: New Agendas in Migration Studies Favell, Adrian 2014-11 Livre
  Immigration, migration and free movement in the making of Europe Favell, Adrian European Identity 2009-01 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Immigration, migration et libre circulation dans la construction de l’Europe Favell, Adrian Politique européenne 2010-10 Article
Internal and external movers: East-West migration and the impact of EU enlargement Favell, Adrian ; Nebe, Tina Pioneers of European Identity: Citizenship and Mobility in the EU 2009-09 Partie ou chapitre de livre
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