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Favell, Adrian
  The human face of global mobility Feldblum, Miriam ; Smith, Michael Peter ; Favell, Adrian Society 2007 Article
A tightly bordered EU is at odds with Britain’s openness Favell, Adrian Policy Network 2014-06 Article
Visions of Tokyo in Japanese Contemporary Art Favell, Adrian Impressions 2014-04 Article
Bye Bye Little Boy Favell, Adrian Art in America 2011-04 Article
The sociology of the European Union: an agenda Favell, Adrian ; Guiraudon, Virginie European Union Politics 2009-12 Article
Tokyo to LA story: how Southern California became the gateway for a Japanese global pop art phenomenon Favell, Adrian Kontur 2010-12 Article
Islands for Life: Artistic Responses to Post-Bubble Japan Favell, Adrian Urban China 2015-01 Article
  Les métamorphoses de l'intégration dans une Europe sans frontières internes Favell, Adrian Idées économiques et sociales 2015-03 Article
  Beyond fortress Europe? Trends in East-West migration in Europe Favell, Adrian EUSA Review 2006 Article
The new face of East-West migration in Europe Favell, Adrian Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 2008-07 Article
  The fourth freedom. Theories of migration and mobilities in ‘neo-liberal’ Europe Favell, Adrian European Journal of Social Theory 2014-05 Article
  Governmentality, Political Field or Public Sphere? Theoretical Alternatives in the Political Sociology of the EU Zimmermann, Ann ; Favell, Adrian European Journal of Social Theory 2011-12 Article
  Immigration, migration et libre circulation dans la construction de l’Europe Favell, Adrian Politique européenne 2010-10 Article
  European identity and European citizenship in three “Eurocities”: A sociological approach to the European Union Favell, Adrian Politique européenne 2010 Article
  European citizenship in three Eurocities: a sociological approach to the European Union Favell, Adrian Politique européenne 2010-03 Article
The Changing Face of ‘Integration’ in a Mobile Europe Favell, Adrian Council For European Studies Newsletter 2013-07 Article
SimSociety Social Theory: Teaching Theory with Commercial Simulation Games Favell, Adrian ; 2012-01-12 Rethinking the Social - 5 2012-01 Audiovisuel
  Philosophies of Integration: Immigration and the Idea of Citizenship in France and Britain Favell, Adrian 1998 Livre
  The Sociology of the European Union Guiraudon, Virginie ; Favell, Adrian 2011-03 Livre
  Eurostars and Eurocities: Free Movement and Mobility in an Integrating Europe Favell, Adrian 2008 Livre
Immigration, Integration and Mobility: New Agendas in Migration Studies Favell, Adrian 2014-11 Livre
  Before and After Superflat: A Short History of Japanese Contemporary Art 1990-2011 Favell, Adrian 2012-04 Livre
  The Human Face of Global Mobility: International Highly Skilled Migration in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific, Smith, Peter ; Favell, Adrian 2006-03 Livre
  The Politics of Belonging: Migrants and Minorities in Contemporary Europe Geddes, Andrew ; Favell, Adrian 1999 Livre
  New Xenophobia in Europe Baumgartl, Bernd ; Favell, Adrian 1995 Livre
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