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International Relations and Political Economy - CERI / Éditions Palgrave Macmillan (SCIENCESPO:CERI:IRPE)
  Governing Islam Abroad. Turkish and Moroccan Muslims in Western Europe Bruce, Benjamin ; Centre de recherches internationales 2018-09 Livre
  New Perspectives on the International Order Badie, Bertrand 2018-07 Livre
  International Relations, Music and Diplomacy. Sounds and Voices on the International Stage Ramel, Frédéric ; Prévost-Thomas, Cécile 2018-02 Livre
  Resources and Applied Methods in International Relations Devin, Guillaume 2017-11 Livre
  The Political Anatomy of Domination Hibou, Béatrice 2017-03 Livre
  Foucault and the Modern International. Silences and Legacies for the Study of World Politics Bonditti, Philippe ; Bigo, Didier ; Gros, Frédéric 2017-03 Livre
  The Making of the Chinese Middle Class. Small Comfort and Great Expectations Rocca, Jean-Louis 2016-12 Livre
  Regime Transition and the Judicial Politics of Enmity. Democratic Inclusion and Exclusion in South Korean Constitutional Justice Guichard, Justine ; Centre de recherches internationales 2016-01 Livre
  Egypt's Revolutions. Politics, Religion, and Social Movements Lacroix, Stéphane ; Rougier, Bernard 2015-11 Livre
  The Bureaucratization of the world in the neoliberal era. An international and comparative perspective Hibou, Béatrice 2015-05 Livre
  Origins and Evolution of the US Rebalance toward Asia. Diplomatic, Military, and Economic Dimensions Meijer, Hugo ; Centre de recherches internationales 2015-04 Livre
  Governing Disasters. Beyond Risk Culture Revet, Sandrine ; Langumier, Julien 2015-03 Livre
  Emerging Capitalism in Central Europe and Southeast Asia. A Comparison of Political Economies Bafoil, François 2014-09 Livre
  The G20: a new geopolitical order Postel Vinay, Karoline 2013-11 Livre
  The Gamble of War. Is it Possible to Justify Preventive War? Colonomos, Ariel 2013-02 Livre
  Diplomacy of Connivance Badie, Bertrand 2012-10 Livre
  Democracy at Large. NGOs, Political Foundations, Think Tanks and International Organizations Centre de recherches internationales ; Petric, Boris 2012-10 Livre
  Limited Achievements: Obama's Foreign Policy Laïdi, Zaki ; Centre de recherches internationales 2012-08 Livre
  The RAND Corporation (1989-2009). The Reconfiguration of Strategic Studies in the United States Samaan, Jean-Loup ; Centre de recherches internationales 2012-06 Livre
  War Veterans in Postwar Situations. Chechnya, Serbia, Turkey, Peru, and Côte d’Ivoire Duclos, Nathalie ; Centre de recherches internationales 2012-06 Livre
  Making peace: The Contribution of International Institutions Devin, Guillaume 2011-11 Livre
  China and India in Central Asia. A New 'Great Game'? Balci, Bayram ; Huchet, Jean-François ; Laruelle, Marlène ; Peyrouse, Sébastien 2010-11 Livre
  Israel’s Asymmetric Wars Cohen, Samy 2010-09 Livre
  Organized crime and states. The hidden face of politics Briquet, Jean-Louis ; Favarel-Garrigues, Gilles 2010-09 Livre
  In the Name of the Nation. Nationalism and Politics in Contemporary Russia Laruelle, Marlène ; Centre de recherches internationales 2009-10 Livre
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