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Sciences Po LIEPP Working Paper (SCIENCESPO:LIEPP:WP)
Governing through security? Institutional discourse, practices, and policies in the metropolitan city of Milan Quassoli, Fabio ; Colombo, Monica ; Molteni, Andrea 2018-12 Working paper
Quelle place pour les méthodes qualitatives dans l’évaluation des politiques publiques ? Revillard, Anne 2018-11 Working paper
Gender Quotas in Hiring Committees: a Boon or a Bane for Women? Deschamps, Pierre 2018-11 Working paper
Le Parlement français et l’évaluation. Une institutionnalisation impossible? De Padirac, Hortense 2018-10 Working paper
Working Moms, Childlessness, and Female Identity Steinhauer, Andreas 2018-05 Working paper
Gender Biases: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in French Local Elections Eymeoud, Jean-Benoît ; Vertier, Paul 2018-04 Working paper
Explaining Welfare State Developments: Towards a Comparative Research Agenda Graziano, Paolo Roberto ; Jessoula, Matteo 2018-02 Working paper
La réduction du nombre de parlementaires est-elle justifiée ? Une évaluation ex-ante Ehrhard, Thomas ; Rozenberg, Olivier 2018-02 Working paper
Un parc social, des parcs sociaux. Analyse des stratégies de production et de gestion en Ile-de-France Chapelle, Guillaume ; Ramond, Quentin 2018-02 Working paper
France: Rising Precariousness Supported by the Welfare state Askenazy, Philippe ; Palier, Bruno 2018-01 Working paper
How Legal Intermediaries Facilitate or Inhibit Social Change Pelisse, Jérôme ; Talesh, Shauhin 2018-01 Working paper
The Production of Information in an Online World: Is Copy Right? Cage, Julia ; Hervé, Nicolas ; Viaud, Marie-Luce 2018-01 Working paper
European Disunion? Social and Economic Divergence in Europe, and their Political Consequences Palier, Bruno ; Rovny, Allison E. ; Rovny, Jan 2017-11 Working paper
Making the Case for Racial Mobility Aliya, Saperstein 2017-09 Working paper
Family responsibilities discrimination, HR work-family discourse and organizational mediation of US civil rights law Robin, Stryker ; Heidi, Reynolds-Stenson ; Krista, Frederico 2017-09 Working paper
Long-term Impact of Job Displacement on Job Quality and Satisfaction: Evidence from Germany Toulemon, Léa ; Weber-Baghdiguian, Lexane 2017-07 Working paper
How the quality of democracy deteriorates Sotiropoulos, Dimitri A 2017-06 Working paper
Revisiting the Baltic growth model: From neoliberalism to the social investment welfare state Sonja, Avlijas 2017-04 Working paper
WoPSI - the World Politics of Social Investment Garritzmann, Julian L ; Hausermann, Silja ; Palier, Bruno ; Zollinger, Christine 2017-03 Working paper
A Bismarckian Type of Fiscal Welfare? Insights on the Use of Social Tax Expenditures in French Social and Employment Policy Morel, Nathalie ; Zemmour, Michaël ; Touzet, Chloé 2017-03 Working paper
Gender, information barriers and fields of study choice: a field experiment Barone, Carlo ; Schizzerotto, Antonio ; Abbiati, Giovanni Maria ; Assirelli, Giulia 2017-01 Working paper
Cheating Because They Can: The Role of Networks in Informal Governance Larson, Jennifer M. 2016-12 Working paper
Un petit pas pour le Parlement, un grand pas pour la Ve République Rozenberg, Olivier 2016-12 Working paper
The Political Economy of Compensatory Redistribution: Unemployment, inequality and policy choice Pontusson, Jonas ; Weisstanner, David 2016-11 Working paper
Who Revolt? Empirically Revisiting the Social Origins of Democracy Knutsen, Carl Henrik ; Dahlum, Sirianne ; Wig, Tore 2016-11 Working paper
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