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Economie et finances (SHS:ECO)
Moving towards a single labour contract: pros, cons and mixed feelings Wasmer, Etienne ; Lepage-Saucier, Nicolas ; Schleich, Juliette 2013-02 Rapport
Comment modérer les prix de l’immobilier ? Trannoy, Alain ; Wasmer, Etienne Note du CAE 2013-02 Article
Peut-on se relever d'une crise bancaire ? Analyse comparée de l'Irlande et de l'Islande Antonin, Céline ; Blot, Christophe Les notes du blog 2013-02 Article
Faut-il élargir les allègements de cotisations sociales aux salaires élevés ? Carbonnier, Clément LIEPP Policy Brief 2013-01 Article
  EU-Indonesia Relations: No Expectations-Capability Gap? Camroux, David, Frederic The Palgrave Handbook of EU-Asia Relations 2013-01 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Empowering Parents in School: What They Can (not) Do Beasley, Elizabeth ; Huillery, Elise 2013-01 Working paper
Innovation beyond Patents: Technological Complexity as a Protection against Imitation Henry, Emeric ; Ruiz Aliseda, Francisco 2013-01 Working paper
The Black Man's Burden - The Cost of Colonization of French West Africa Huillery, Elise Journal of Economic History 2013 Article
Isolated Capital Cities, Accountability and Corruption Evidence from US States Campante, Filipe R ; Do, Quoc-Anh 2013-01 Working paper
  Bankruptcy, fresh start and debt renegotiation in England and France (17th and 18th century) Sgard, Jérôme The History of Bankruptcy: Economic, Social and Cultural Implications in Early Modern Europe 2013 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Against Globalisation: Sovereignty, Courts, and the Failure to Coordinate International Bankruptcies, 1870–1940 Sgard, Jérôme The Foundations of Worldwide Economic Integration Power, Institutions, and Global Markets, 1850–1930 2013-01 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  L'avenir commercial de l'Allemagne Dedinger, Beatrice Revue d'Allemagne et des pays de langue allemande 2013-01 Article
  Vers légalité des territoires en France Laurent, Eloi 2013 Rapport
  Real-time pricing when some consumers resist in saving electricity Salies, Evens Energy Policy 2013 Article
La zone euro en crise : introduction Mathieu, Catherine ; Sterdyniak, Henri Revue de l'OFCE - Débats et politiques 2013-01 Article
Do we need fiscal rules ? Mathieu, Catherine ; Sterdyniak, Henri Revue de l'OFCE - Débats et politiques 2013-01 Article
Pairwise-comparison estimation with nonparametric controls Jochmans, Koen 2013-01 Working paper
Likelihood inference in an Autoregression with fixed effects Dhaene, Geert ; Jochmans, Koen 2013-01 Working paper
A stochastic control approach to No-Arbitrage bounds given marginals, with an application to Lookback options Galichon, Alfred ; Henri-Labordère, Pierre ; Touzi, Nizar Journal of Applied Probability 2013 Article
  Dilatation Bootstrap : a methodology for constructing confidence regions with partially identified models Galichon, Alfred ; Henry, Marc Journal of Econometrics 2013 Article
  Varieties and the transfer problem Corsetti, Giancarlo ; Martin, Philippe ; Pesenti, Paolo Journal of International Economics 2013-01 Article
Gravity Equations: Workhorse, Toolkit, and Cookbook Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry 2013-01 Working paper
  Sanctions that signal: An experiment Galbiati, Roberto ; Schlag, Karl H. ; Van Der Weele, Joël J Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 2013 Article
  Cultural integration of immigrants in Europe Algan, Yann ; Bisin, Alberto ; Manning, Allan ; Verdier, Thierry 2013-01 Livre
  Conclusion: Cultural Integration of Immigrants in Europe Algan, Yann ; Aleksynska, Mariya Cultural Integration of Immigrants in Europe 2013-01 Partie ou chapitre de livre