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Science politique (SHS:SCIPO)
Rebooting migration theory: Interdisciplinarity, globality and postdisciplinarity in migration studies Favell, Adrian Migration Theory: Talking Across Disciplines (2nd ed.) 2007 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Creative East-West cosmopolitanism? The changing role of international mobility for young Japanese contemporary artists Favell, Adrian Making and Unmaking of Transnationalism: The Nation and Citizenship in East Asia 2012 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  The nation-centered perspective Favell, Adrian Dialogues on Migration Policy 2006-04 Partie ou chapitre de livre
After enlargement: Europe’s new migration system Favell, Adrian 2006-12 Rapport
Immigration, Integration and Mobility: New Agendas in Migration Studies Favell, Adrian 2014-11 Livre
  European citizenship in three Eurocities: a sociological approach to the European Union Favell, Adrian Politique européenne 2010-03 Article
  Compte-rendu de Euroclash: The EU, European Identity and the Future of Europe Favell, Adrian Archives européennes de sociologie 2008-03 Compte-rendu d’ouvrage
  Compte-rendu de Democracy in Europe: The EU and National Polities Favell, Adrian American Journal of Sociology 2009-07 Compte-rendu d’ouvrage
  The fourth freedom. Theories of migration and mobilities in ‘neo-liberal’ Europe Favell, Adrian European Journal of Social Theory 2014-05 Article
  Sociology of the European Union: an introduction Favell, Adrian Sociology of the European Union 2011-03 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  The new face of East-West migration in Europe Favell, Adrian Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 2008-07 Article
  The Refugee in International Society: Between Sovereigns Favell, Adrian Ethics and International Affairs 2009-07 Compte-rendu d’ouvrage
  Compte-rendu de l'ouvrage : The Age of Migration (3rd ed.) Favell, Adrian Ethnic and Racial Studies 2006-01 Compte-rendu d’ouvrage
  Immigration, migration and free movement in the making of Europe Favell, Adrian European Identity 2009-01 Partie ou chapitre de livre
A tightly bordered EU is at odds with Britain’s openness Favell, Adrian Policy Network 2014-06 Article
  Philosophies of Integration: Immigration and the Idea of Citizenship in France and Britain Favell, Adrian 1998 Livre
  The sociology of EU politics Favell, Adrian Handbook of European Union Politics 2006 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Compte rendu de Social Class in Contemporary Japan: Structures, Sorting and Strategies Favell, Adrian Social Forces 2011-04 Compte-rendu d’ouvrage
The sociology of the European Union: an agenda Favell, Adrian ; Guiraudon, Virginie European Union Politics 2009-12 Article
Internal and external movers: East-West migration and the impact of EU enlargement Favell, Adrian ; Nebe, Tina Pioneers of European Identity: Citizenship and Mobility in the EU 2009-09 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Visions of Neo-Tokyo and Real Tokyo in Japanese contemporary art Favell, Adrian ; 2012-06-27 Pecha Kucha presentation, Super Deluxe 2012-06 Communication non publiée
  Pioneers of European integration: an introduction Favell, Adrian ; Recchi, Ettore Pioneers of European integration 2009-09 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Social mobility and spatial mobility Favell, Adrian ; Recchi, Ettore Sociology of the European Union 2011-02 Partie ou chapitre de livre
The Europeanisation of Everyday Life: Cross-Border Practices and Transnational Identifications Among EU and Third-Country Citizens State of the Art Report Favell, Adrian ; Recchi, Ettore ; Kuhn, Theresa ; Solgaard Jensen, Janne ; Klein, Juliane 2011-10 Working paper
Winners and Losers? Citizens and Sceptics? European Integration and the Spread of Cosmopolitanism Favell, Adrian ; Reimer, David EUCROSS Policy Brief 2013-09 Article