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Science politique (SHS:SCIPO)
  Guerres et sociétés : Etat et violence après la guerre froide Hassner, Pierre ; Marchal, Roland 2003-01 Livre
  Enquête sur les jeunes et les armées : images, intérêt et attentes Hatto, Ronald ; Tomescu-Hatto, Odette ; Muxel, Anne 2011-11 Rapport
  The politics of employment-friendly welfarereforms in post-industrial economies Hausermann, Silja ; Palier, Bruno Socio-economic Review 2008 Article
  Structural change and the politics of dualization Hausermann, Silja ; Palier, Bruno ; Seeleib-Kaiser , Martin ; Emmenegger, Patrick Rassegna italiana di sociologia 2013-04 Article
The Reform of Israeli Checkpoints: Outsourcing, Commodification, and Redeployment of the State Havkin, Shira Etudes du CERI 2011-05 Article
La réforme des checkpoints israéliens : externalisation, marchandisation et redéploiement de l’Etat Havkin, Shira Etudes du CERI 2011-05 Article
  Relevant to Whom? Relevant for What? The Role and Public Responsibility of the Political Analyst Hay, Colin The Relevance of Political Science 2015 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Chronicles of a Death Foretold: The Winter of Discontent and Construction of the Crisis of British Keynesianism Hay, Colin Margaret Thatcher 2015 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  The Failure of Anglo-Liberal Capitalism Hay, Colin 2013-06 Livre
  Levels of governance and their interaction Hay, Colin Handbook of International Political Economy of Governance 2014-05 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Why We Hate Politics Hay, Colin 2007-01 Livre
  New Directions in Political Science: Responding to the Challenges of an Interdependent World Hay, Colin 2010-04 Livre
Growth – do we need it and can we learn to live without it? Hay, Colin 2013-06 Working paper
  Neither real nor fictitious but ‘as if real’? A political ontology of the state Hay, Colin British Journal of Sociology 2014-09 Article
  If it didn’t exist we’d have to invent it . . . Further reflections on the ontological status of the state Hay, Colin British Journal of Sociology 2014-09 Article
  Treating the Symptom Not the Condition: Crisis Definition, Deficit Reduction and the Search for a New British Growth Model Hay, Colin British Journal of Politics & International Relations 2012-08 Article
  The ‘dangerous obsession’ with cost competitiveness … and the not so dangerous obsession with competitiveness Hay, Colin Cambridge Journal of Economics 2012-02 Article
  Depoliticisation as process, governance as practice: what did the 'first wave' get wrong and do we need a 'second wave' to put it right? Hay, Colin Policy and Politics 2014-04 Article
  Political Discourse Analysis: The Dangers of Methodological Absolutism Hay, Colin Political Studies Review 2013-09 Article
  From politics to politicisation: defending the indefensible? Hay, Colin Politics, Groups & Identities 2013-03 Article
Changing Politics: Towards a New Democracy Hay, Colin ; Alexander, Jon ; Alibhai-Brown, Yasmin ; Bailey, Julie ; Barker, William ; Bogdanor, Vernon ; Dommett, Kate ; Duffy, Bobby ; Flinders, Matthew ; Ghose, Katie ; Gordon, Michael ; Gottfried, Glenn ; Gregory-Jones, Shelley ; Howell, Steven ; Jellinek, Dan ; Jennings, Will ; Jones, Rhion ; Korris, Matt ; Kramer, Annette ; Leston-Bandeira, Cristina ; Macfarland, Caroline ; Miller, Carl ; Parry, Brian ; Sani, Michael ; Seaton, Jean ; Silk, Paul ; Stoker, Gerry ; Stoker, Deborah ; Waller, Paul 2015-01 Rapport
  International Political Economy Hay, Colin ; Hudson, David ; Lee, Donna ; Morton, Adam ; Steans, Jill ; Watson, Matthew 2013-12 Livre
Inequality Is the Dog That Isn't Barking in the General Election Hay, Colin ; Payne, Anthony Huffington Post 2015-04-19 Article
  Civic Capitalism Hay, Colin ; Payne, Anthony 2015-03 Livre
The Great Uncertainty: Thinking through questions of time Hay, Colin ; Payne, Tony 2013-07 Working paper