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Science politique (SHS:SCIPO)
  For Whom Trust Matters: Attitudes Towards the Role of Government in an Era of Partisan and Income Polarization (1987-2009) Degeorges, Adrien 2013-09 Communication non publiée
The Whole is Always Smaller Than Its Parts’. A Digital Test of Gabriel Tarde’s monads Latour, Bruno ; Jensen, Pablo ; Venturini, Tommaso ; Grauwin, Sebastian ; Boullier, Dominique British Journal of Sociology 2012-12 Article
  What do political institutions and actors represent? A new approach for evaluating political representation Dageförde, Mirjam ; 2011-11-30/2011-12-02 LEGIPAR-Conference/Doctoral Workshop "Parliamentary legitimization and democratic governance in France and the European Union" 2011-12 Communication non publiée
  Western Hindutva. Hindu nationalism in the United Kingdom and North America Jaffrelot, Christophe Communalism and Globalization in South Asia and its Diaspora 2011-04 Partie ou chapitre de livre
The Western Balkans and the EU Rupnik, Jacques Cahiers de Chaillot 2011-06 Numéro de périodique
The West and Russia: From Acute Conflict to Long-Term Crisis Management Mendras-Rosdahl, Marie Transatlantic Academy Contribution à un site web
  Eine Welt ohne Gott?: Religion und Ethik in Staat, Schule und Gesellschaft Sauzay, Brigitte ; Von Thadden, Rudolf ; Escudier, Alexandre 1999 Livre
  Welfare, Well-Being and Immigration in Europe: Evidence from the European Social Survey Clark, Andrew ; Senik, Claudia ; Sauger, Nicolas Social indicators research 2009 Numéro de périodique
  Welfare reforms in europe,is there a specific way? Palier, Bruno ; Columbia University 2007-04 Communication non publiée
  Welfare reforms in continental europe Palier, Bruno ; Centre de conférence de la maison des syndicats 2007-10 Communication non publiée
  Welfare reforms in continental europe Palier, Bruno ; Commission européenne 2007-06 Communication non publiée
  Welfare and Work Palier, Bruno ; WP03, Recwowe 2007-11 Communication non publiée
  Welfare States, Political Opportunities, and the Claim-Making in the Field of Unemployment Politics Giugni, Marco ; Cinalli, Manlio The Contentious Politics of Unemployment in Europe 2010 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Welfare State Reform in France Chevalier, Tom ; Palier, Bruno Oxford Bibliographies in Social Work 2013-07 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  To Welcome and/or to Reject? Criss-Cross Views on Local Policies for « Roma Migrants » in France and Italy Legros, Olivier ; 2010-09-17 Understanding Homelessness and Housing Exclusion in the new European Context, organized by FEANTSA’s European Observatory on Homelessness ; Vitale, Tommaso 2010-09 Communication non publiée
  Weit entfernt vom „idealen Abgeordneten“? Zu Normen und Praxis parlamentarischer Repräsentation aus Sicht der Bürger Dageförde, Mirjam Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen 2013-09 Article
  Weighted Least Squares Gill, Jeff ; Leemann, Lucas IPSA Encyclopedia of Political Science 2011 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  WebCSTI, Culture scientifique et technique sur le Web : mesures des usages et dynamique d’un champ 2007-06-22 Colloque AMCSTI ; Boullier, Dominique 2007-06 Communication non publiée
Le Web immersif Boullier, Dominique Quaderni 2008-04 Article
  Web CSTI : éléments pour une stratégie 2009-11-21 Conférence invitée, colloque OCIM ; Boullier, Dominique 2007-11 Communication non publiée
Web CSTI : le Web est un autre monde ! Boullier, Dominique La lettre de l'OCIM 2008 Article
  Weaving Ties in Urban Areas. The Social and Symbolic Roles of Sub-Saharans’ Cultural Entrepreneurial Activities in Moroccan Cities Infantino, Federica ; 2012-08-01/2012-08-04 Migration, migrants and the development of inclusive urban cultures and identities 2012-08 Communication non publiée
Washington's Turkey Conundrum Balci, Bayram National Interest 2014-01-13 Article
  Warlordism and terrorism: how to obscure an already confusing crisis? The case of Somalia Marchal, Roland International Affairs 2007-11 Article
War in the Face of Doubt: Early Modern Classics and the Preventive Use of Force Colonomos, Ariel Just and Unjust Military Interventions European Thinkers from Vitoria to Mill 2013-11 Partie ou chapitre de livre