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A Political History of the Future : Knowledge Production and Future Governance 1945-2010 (FUTUREPOL)
An Inquiry into Modes of Existence (AIME)
Collectifs de consommateurs, questionnement social et consommation durable (C3D)
Conception basée sur la connaissance de piles à combustible microbiennes pour la production d'électricité à partir de déchets des filières agricole et forestière (AGRI-ELEC)
Concurrences de légitimité, types de contestation et transformations de la place de l'Etat dans les sociétés européennes (LEGICONTEST)
Culture, Cooperation and Economics (TRUST)
Effective Gender Equality in Research and the Academia (EGERA)
Electronic Maps to Assist Public Science (EMAPS)
EuroPolis: A deliberative polity-making project (EUROPOLIS)
European Framework for Measuring Progress (E-FRAME)
Financialisation, economy, society and sustainable development. (FESSUD)
Finding a Place for Islam in Europe: Cultural Interactions between Muslim immigrants and Receiving Societies (EURISLAM)
From Silicosis to Chronic Respiratory diseases: an approach via epidemiological history (in France, Europe, Southern Africa, from the 1900s until today) (SILICOSIS)
Governance and Agents in Institutional Architecture on Climate and Energy (GAIA)
Identities and modernities in Europe: European and national identity construction programmes and politics, culture, history and religion (IME)
Mapping Controversies on Science for Politics (MACOSPOL)
Micro-dynamics of rebellions: An inquiry into the role of middle level commanders in Chad (MICROREB)
Monetary, Fiscal and Structural Policies with Heterogeneous Agents (POLHIA)
Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships in Post-Conflict Reconstruction: The Role of the European Union (MULTIPART)
Multilateralism and the EU in the Contemporary Global Order (MERCURY)
Redefining the transatlantic relationship and its role in shaping global governance (TRANSWORLD)
Securitization versus Depoliticization in the European Union Asylum and Migration Policy: The Role of the New Agencies (FRONTEX, EASO & Large-Scale IT Systems Agency) (EUMIGPOL)
Socialism and leftist Catholicism in France and Italy (1956-1972) (SOCIALCATH)
The European Social Survey Infrastructure Preparatory Phase (ESSPREP)
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