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  Wage floor rigidity in industry-level agreements: Evidence from France Fougere, Denis ; Gautier, Erwan ; Roux, Sébastien Labour Economics 2018-12 Article
  Communication with evidence in the lab Hagenbach, Jeanne ; Perez, Eduardo Games and Economic Behavior 2018-11 Article
From the cradle to the grave : the influence of family background on the career path of italian men Raitano, Michele ; Vona, Francesco Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 2018-10 Article
Language Proficiency and Migration: An Argument Against Testing Von Busekist, Astrid ; Language Policy and Linguistic Justice. Economic, Philosophical and Sociolinguistic Approaches 2018-10 Partie ou chapitre de livre
The cost of agglomeration: Land prices in cities Combes, Pierre-Philippe ; Duranton, Gilles ; Gobillon, Laurent Review of Economic Studies 2018-10 Article
Migrants, Ancestors and Foreign Investments Buchardi, Konrad B ; Chaney, Thomas ; Hassan, Tarek A Review of Economic Studies 2018-10 Article
The Struggle of RTI Activists in Gujarat Jaffrelot, Christophe ; Nissa, Basim U Economic and Political Weekly 2018-08-18 Article
  Balancing market liquidity: Bank Structural Reform caught between growth and stability Endrejata, Vanessa ; Thiemann, Matthias Journal of Economic Policy Reform 2018-08 Article
Marking to Market versus Taking to Market Plantin, Guillaume ; Tirole, Jean American Economic Review 2018-08 Article
  Tax revenues and the fiscal cost of trade liberalization, 1792–2006 Cage, Julia ; Gadenne, Lucie Explorations in Economic History 2018-08 Article
Exchange Rates and Monetary Spillovers Plantin, Guillaume ; Shin, Hyun Song Theoretical Economics 2018-05 Article
  Theoretical and methodological pathways for research on elites Cousin, Bruno ; Khan, Shamus ; Mears, Ashley Socio-Economic Review 2018-04-19 Article
  Elites, Economy and Society Cousin, Bruno ; Khan, Shamus ; Mears, Ashley Socio-Economic Review 2018-04-19 Numéro de périodique
  Heirs, corporate aristocrats and ‘Meritocrats’: the social space of top CEOs and Chairmen in India Naudet, Jules ; Ferry, Mathieu ; Allorant, Adrien Socio-Economic Review 2018-04 Article
Gender and Promotions: Evidence from Academic Economists in France Bosquet, Clément ; Combes, Pierre-Philippe ; Garcia-Peñalosa, Cecilia The Scandinavian journal of economics 2018-03 Article
  Search in macroeconomics 14 essays in honor of Chris Pissarides Rupert, Peter ; Wasmer, Etienne Labour Economics 2018-03 Article
The Distribution of Talent Across Contests Azmat, Ghazala ; Möller, Marc The Economic Journal 2018-03 Article
“The laws of economics.” Economic devices, economics, economists, and the making of the economy Godechot, Olivier economic sociology_the european electronic newsletter 2018-03 Article
Toward a relational sociology of credit Lazarus, Jeanne ; Lacan, Laure Socio-Economic Review 2018-02 Article
No man is an island : the impact of heterogeneity and local interactions on macroeconomics dynamics Guerini, Mattia ; Napoletano, Mauro ; Roventini, Andrea Economic Modelling 2018-01 Article
  Look at me saving the planet ! The imitation of visible green behaviour in local regions ans its impact on the climate value-action gap. Babutsidze, Zakaria ; Chai, A Ecological Economics 2018-01 Article
  Risk information, risk salience, and adolescent sexual behavior: Experimental evidence from Cameroon Dupas, Pascaline ; Huillery, Elise ; Seban, Juliette Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 2018-01 Article
Job Polarization and Structural Change Barany, Zsofia ; Siegel, Christian American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics 2018-01 Article
  Quality pricing-to-market Auer, Raphaël ; Chaney, Thomas ; Sauré, Philip Journal of International Economics 2018-01 Article
  New forms of competition in higher education Musselin, Christine Socio-Economic Review 2018 Article
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