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Voter Turnout and Fiscal Policy Godefroy, Raphael ; Henry, Emeric European Economic Review 2016-10 Article
Waves of international banking integration: A tale of regional differences Bouvatier, Vincent ; Delatte, Anne-Laure European Economic Review 2015-11 Article
Migration Externalities in China Combes, Pierre-Philippe ; Démurger, Sylvie ; Li, Shi European Economic Review 2015-05 Article
Unemployment and the coverage extension of collective wage agreements Murtin, Fabrice ; De Serres, Alain ; Hijzen, Alexander European Economic Review 2014-10 Article
International Productivity Gaps and the Export Status of Firms: Evidence from France and Japan Bellone, Flora ; Kyoiko, Kyota ; Matsuura, Toshiyuki ; Musso, Patrick ; Nesta, Lionel European Economic Review 2014-08 Article
Equilibrium risk shifting and interest rate in an opaque financial system Challe, Edouard ; Mojon, Benoit ; Ragot, Xavier European Economic Review 2013-10 Article
  W.G. Sebald, the Writing of History Loyer, Emmanuelle ; Dreyfus, Jean-Marc European Review of Economic History 2012-07 Numéro de périodique
How remote is the offshoring threat? Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry ; Ries, John European Economic Review 2009-05 Article
Do legal origins matter? The case of bankruptcy laws in Europe 1808–1914 Sgard, Jérôme European Review of Economic History 2006-12 Article
The logic of compromise : monetary bargaining in Austria-Hungary 1867-1913 Flandreau, Marc European Review of Economic History 2006-04 Article
  The empirical content of the job search model: labor mobility and wage distributions in Europe and the US Jolivet, Grégory ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien ; Robin, Jean-Marc European Economic Review 2006 Article
  Measuring human capital in the labor market: The supply of experience in 8 OECD countries Wasmer, Etienne European Economic Review 2001-05 Article
  Financial Integration and Asset Returns Rey, Hélène ; Martin, Philippe European Review of Agricultural Economics 2000-06 Article
  Long-term Growth and Short-term Economic Instability Martin, Philippe ; Rogers, Carol Ann European Economic Review 2000-02 Article
  Growing Locations: Industry Location in a Model of Endogenous Growth Martin, Philippe ; Ottaviano, Gianmarco European Economic Review 1999-02-15 Article
  Modelling the consumption of home-produced vegetables with an application to French households Caillavet, France ; Nichèle, Véronique ; Robin, Jean-Marc European Review of Agricultural Economics 1998 Article
Central Bank Co-operation in Historical Perspective: a Sceptical View Flandreau, Marc European Review of Economic History 1997-11 Article
  Free-riding, convergence and two-speed monetary unification in Europe Martin, Philippe European Economic Review 1995-08 Article
  Nontraded income and the CAPM Weil, Philippe European Economic Review 1994-04 Article
  On the Inflationary Bias of Common Currencies: the Latin Union Puzzle Flandreau, Marc European Economic Review 1993-04 Article
  Hand-to-Mouth Consumers and Asset Prices Weil, Philippe European Economic Review 1992-04 Article
  Money, Time Preference and External Balance Weil, Philippe European Economic Review 1989-03 Article
  Price, Quality and Welfare Effects of European VERs on Japanese Autos De Melo, Jaime ; Messerlin, Patrick European Economic Review 1988-09 Article