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  Do green jobs differ from non-green jobs in terms of skills and human capital? Consoli, Davide ; Marin, Giovanni ; Marzucchi, Alberto ; Vona, Francesco Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis : Research and Practice 2016 Article
Substitutability and complementarity of technological knowledge and the inventive performance of semiconductor companies Dibiaggio, Ludovic ; Nasyar, Maryam ; Nesta, Lionel Research Policy 2014-11 Article
  How Peer Review Empowers the Academic Profession and University Managers: Changes in Relationships between the State, Universities and the Professoriate Musselin, Christine Research Policy 2013 Article
  Framing the links Baya Laffite, Nicolas ; Papanagnou, Georgios Mapping Out the Research-policy Matrix 2011 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  The French defence industry in the knowledge management era: A historical overview and evidence from empirical data Guillou, Sarah ; Lazaric, Nathalie ; Longhi, Christian ; Rochhia, Sylvie Research Policy 2009-02 Article
  The diffusion of ADSL and costs of switching Internet providers in the broadband industry: Evidence from the French case Salies, Evens ; Krafft, Jackie Research Policy 2008-05 Article
  University Patenting and its Effects on Academic Research: the Emerging European Evidence Geuna, Aldo ; Nesta, Lionel Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis : Research and Practice 2006-07 Article
  Markets and organizations as coherent systems of innovation Amendola, Mario ; Gaffard, Jean-Luc Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis : Research and Practice 1994-11 Article