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  Varieties of Risk Regulation in Europe: Coordination, complementarity & occupational safety in capitalist welfare states Rothstein, Henry ; Demeritt, David ; Paul, Regine ; Beaussier, Anne-Laure ; Wesseling, Mara ; De Haan, Maarten ; Howard, Michael ; Borraz, Olivier ; Huber, Michael ; Bouder, Frederic Socio-Economic Review 2017-09 Article
Outsiders at the ballot box: operationalizations and political consequences of the insider–outsider dualism Rovny, Allison E. ; Rovny, Jan Socio-Economic Review 2017-01 Article
Brexit: UK as an exception or the banal avant garde of the disintegration of the EU? Le Galès, Patrick Socio-Economic Review 2016-12 Article
  Does the formalization of practices enhance equal hiring opportunities? de Larquier, Guillemette ; Marchal, Emmanuelle Socio-Economic Review 2016-05 Article
States in Europe: Uncaging societies and the limits to infrastructural power Le Galès, Patrick Socio-Economic Review 2014-12 Article
  SASE Annual Meeting 2013, University of Milan, Italy. States in Europe: uncaging societies and the limits to the infrastructural power Le Galès, Patrick Socio-Economic Review 2013-12 Article
  Moral Categories in the Financial Crisis Fourcade, Marion ; Steiner, Philippe ; Woll, Cornelia ; Streeck, Wolfgang Socio-Economic Review 2013 Article
Sociological studies of diffusion: Is history relevant? Djelic, Marie-Laure Socio-Economic Review 2008 Article
  The politics of employment-friendly welfarereforms in post-industrial economies Hausermann, Silja ; Palier, Bruno Socio-Economic Review 2008 Article
  Bringing the state building approach back in: new perspectives on Welfare state development in a changing European context Palier, Bruno Socio-economic Review 2007-11 Compte-rendu d’ouvrage
  Social networks and country-to-country transfer: dense and weak ties in the diffusion of knowledge Djelic, Marie-Laure Socio-Economic Review 2004-09 Article