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From collecting data to disseminating it to the research community: the French ELIPSS panel
Nom de la conférence
Workshop "Metadata management in longitudinal and international comparative studies"
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Paris, Sciences Po (CDSP), FRANCE
Mots clés
metadata, DDI, data management, research data, Blaise
ELIPSS (Longitudinal Internet Studies for Social Sciences) is a longitudinal probabilistic French panel. To release the 70 produced datasets, we had to deal with numerous issues, in a environment with limited resources and an important fragmentation of the tools: Blaise for the surveys, DDI-C for the documentation, SPSS for producing the datasets and SAS for the weights of the respondents. Also, heterogeneous survey programming and documentation practices had to be taken into account. The solution we conceived for fluidizing the production and dissemination cycle of the datasets is based on the output and the input files of the software linked between them by a tool developed with R. This presentation underlines the building process of this solution.