Conference contribution
The governance infrastructure facing local impact of logistics revolution
Conferance name
American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting 2016, San Francisco
Conference date(s)
2016-03-29 / 2016-04-02
Conference place
San Francisco, UNITED STATES
This paper discusses an analytical approach to address the role of urban governance modes in shaping the development and the regulation of major logistics infrastructures within the frame of the economic globalization process. The contribution accounts for the factors that influence the capacity of local governance institutional settings in reacting to structural market changes seeking for the maintenance of competitive advantages of urban logistics infrastructures. A theoretical approach is outlined to provide possible explanation of two cases presenting diverging outcomes: the Marché d’Interet National de Rungis, located in the Paris metropolitan area, and the Mercati Generali of Milan. The attention is focused on the institutional configuration they are embedded in, and on the urban and economic policies have been implemented to regulate the development of these infrastructures. The conclusion accounts for the main institutional elements that have shaped the development of the fresh-food wholesale market in Paris.