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University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
56-125B Engineering IV BuildingBox 951594Los Angeles, CA 90095-1594
Acquiring and Exercising Citizenship: The New Second Generation in the United States Luthra, Renee ; Soehl, Thomas ; Waldinger, Roger 2016-10 Working paper
  The Rise and Fall of Urban Economies Storper, Michael ; Kemeny, Thomas ; Osman, Taner ; Makarem, Naji, Institutional Research Information Service 2015-08 Livre
How Modern Dictators Survive: Cooptation, Censorship, Propaganda, and Repression Guriev, Sergei ; Treisman, Daniel 2015-03 Working paper
Effect of Income on Trust: Evidence from the 2009 Crisis in Russia Guriev, Sergei ; Ananiev, Maxim 2015-02 Working paper
The Effect of Income on Trust: the Evidence from 2009 Crisis in Russia Ananiev, Maxim ; Guriev, Sergei 2014-12 Working paper
Gender and time allocation of cohabiting and married women and men in France, Italy, and the United States Bianchi, Suzanne ; Lesnard, Laurent ; Nazio, Tiziana ; Raley, Sara Demographic research 2014-07 Article
When Frames (Don’t) Matter: Querying the Relationship between Ideas and Policy Bergeron, Henri ; Castel, Patrick ; Saguy, Abigail 2014-01 Working paper
The Digital Skin of Cities Rabari, Chirag ; Storper, Michael 2013 Working paper
  Instrument-Driven Frames: The Case of Obesity in the U.S. and France Bergeron, Henri ; Castel, Patrick ; Saguy, Abigail ; 2011-06-20/2011-06-22 "The Causes, Consequences, and Meaning of Transnationalization", 18th International Conference of Europeanists 2011-06 Communication non publiée