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After enlargement: Europe’s new migration system



Type:   Rapport
Titre:   After enlargement: Europe’s new migration system
Auteur(s):   Favell, Adrian (1968-...) (Auteur)
Date de publication:   2006-12
Pages:   7  p.
Résumé:   [en] Policy makers underestimate the importante of underlying demographics and labour market dynamics on future East-West migration in Europe. Flows have generally been demand driven, and have therefore been drawn by European nations with the most open anf informal labour markets - such a Britain, Ireland, Italy and Spain - rather than more highly regulated welfare states such as Denmark. They are also more likely to be circular and temporary than one way immigration. I discuss the desirability of the apparently inevitable trend in Europe towards a more US style international labour market that strongly parrallels the migration system between the US and Mexico. The underlying trend in Europe is towards the emergence of a more regionalised system, in which West European societies come to rely on East European movers to fill secondary labour market needs in the service economy, rather than more racially or ethnically distinct non-European immigrants.


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