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Galichon, Alfred
Econométrie, Microéconomie, Finances quantitatives Formation des décisions des ...
Family, marriage markets and inequality: a matching approach Weber, Simon ; Galichon, Alfred 2017-09 Thèse de doctorat
Vector Quantile Regression: An Optimal Transport Approach Carlier, Guillaume ; Chernozhukov, Victor ; Galichon, Alfred Annals of Statistics 2016 Article
Like Attract Like ? A Structural Comparison of Homogamy Across Same-Sex and Different-Sex Households Ciscato, Edoardo ; Galichon, Alfred ; Gousse, Marion 2015-10 Working paper
Vector Quantile Regression Carlier, Guillaume ; Chernozhukov, Victor ; Galichon, Alfred 2015-06 Working paper
Duality in Dynamic Discrete Choice Models Chiong, Khai ; Galichon, Alfred ; Shum, Matt Quantitative Economics 2015-05 Article
Monge-Kantorovich Depth, Quantiles, Ranks, and Signs Chernozhukov, Victor ; Galichon, Alfred ; Hallin, Marc ; Henry, Marc 2015-01 Working paper
  The Nonlinear Bernstein-Schrödinger Equation in Economics Galichon, Alfred ; Kominers, Scott ; Weber, Simon Geometric Science of Information 2015 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Single Market Nonparametric Identification of Multi-Attribute Hedonic Equilibrium Models Chernozhukov, Victor ; Galichon, Alfred ; Henry, Marc ; Pass, Brendan, Department Of Mathematics 2014-12 Working paper
An Empirical Framework for Matching with Imperfectly Transferable Utility Galichon, Alfred ; Kominers, Scott ; Weber, Simon 2014-12 Working paper
Like Attract Like? A Structural Comparison of Homogamy Across Same-Sex and Different-Sex Households Ciscato, Edoardo ; Galichon, Alfred ; Gousse, Marion 2014-11 Working paper
Matching in Closed-Form: Equilibrium, identification, and comparative statics Bolijov, Raicho ; Galichon, Alfred 2014-10 Working paper
Entropy Methods for Identifying Hedonic Models Dupuy, Arnaud ; Galichon, Alfred ; Henry, Marc Mathematics and Financial Economics 2014-09 Article
Ordinal and cardinal solution concepts for two-sided matching Echenique, Federico ; Galichon, Alfred 2014-04 Working paper
  Symposium on revealed preference analysis Galichon, Alfred ; Quah, John K.-H Economic Theory 2013-11 Article
The Housing Problem and Revealed Preference Theory: Duality and an application Ekeland, Ivar ; Galichon, Alfred Economic Theory 2013-11 Article
Ambiguïté, identification partielle et politique environnementale Galichon, Alfred ; Henry, Marc Revue économique 2013-07 Article
  Identification of Matching Complementarities: A Geometric Viewpoint Galichon, Alfred Advances in Econometrics 2013 Article
A stochastic control approach to No-Arbitrage bounds given marginals, with an application to Lookback options Galichon, Alfred ; Henri-Labordère, Pierre ; Touzi, Nizar Journal of Applied Probability 2013 Article
  Dilatation Bootstrap : a methodology for constructing confidence regions with partially identified models Galichon, Alfred ; Henry, Marc Journal of Econometrics 2013 Article
Personality traits and the marriage market Dupuy, Arnaud ; Galichon, Alfred 2012-10 Working paper
Canonical Correlation and Assortative Matching: A Remark Dupuy, Arnaud ; Galichon, Alfred Annals of Economics and Statistics 2012-10 Article
Cupid's Invisible Hand: Social Surplus and Identification in Matching Models Salanié, Bernard ; Galichon, Alfred 2012-09 Working paper
The Roommate Problem is More Stable than You Think Chiappori, Pierre-André ; Galichon, Alfred ; Salanié, Bernard 2012-08 Working paper
Variational representations for N-cyclically monotone vector fields Galichon, Alfred ; Ghoussoub, Nassif 2012-07 Working paper
Exponential convergence for a convexifying equation and a non-autonomous gradient ow for global minimization Carlier, Guillaume ; Galichon, Alfred ESAIM 2012-07 Article
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