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Galam, Serge
98, rue de l'Université
Paris 75007,  FRANCE
Sociophysique, Rumeurs, Systèmes désordonnés, Votes, Terrorisme, Coalitions ...
  Dynamical Galam model Cheon, Taksu ; Galam, Serge Physics Letters A 2018-06 Article
  Unavowed Abstention Can Overturn Poll Predictions Galam, Serge Frontiers in physics 2018-03 Article
Modéliser et expliquer les radicalisations Tournay, Virginie ; Galam, Serge ; Bronner, Gérald Quaderni 2018-02 Article
  Are referendums a mechanism to turn our prejudices into rational choices? Galam, Serge The Routledge Handbook to Referendums and Direct Democracy 2018 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Discovering networks of actors behind the dynamics of opinion Delanoë, Alexandre ; Galam, Serge Understanding Interactions in Complex Systems 2017-11 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Parliamentary majority for Macron is far from ‘dangerous’ Galam, Serge Politico 2017-06 Article de presse ou magazine
  Abstention, France’s Last Temptation Galam, Serge The New York Times 2017-05 Article de presse ou magazine
  En France, la dernière tentation de l’abstention Galam, Serge The New York Times 2017-05 Article de presse ou magazine
How Marine Le Pen could win the French presidential election even if she polls lower than 50% Galam, Serge The Conversation (France) 2017-05 Article de presse ou magazine
  Pourquoi et comment Marine Le Pen peut gagner avec moins de 50 % d’intentions de vote Galam, Serge The Conversation (France) 2017-04 Article de presse ou magazine
Marine Le Pen, une faille de taille dans le plafond de verre Galam, Serge Libération 2017-03 Article de presse ou magazine
  Comment j’ai prévu Trump Galam, Serge ; Jaigu, Charles Le Figaro 2017-03 Entretien
The Trump phenomenon Galam, Serge International Journal of Modern Physics B 2017-03 Article
  Geometric vulnerability of democratic institutions against lobbying Galam, Serge Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences 2017 Article
  L’homme qui a prévu l’élection de Trump et la défaite de Juppé Mihaely, Gil ; Galam, Serge 2016-12 Entretien
  Modeling Radicalization Phenomena in Heterogeneous Populations Galam, Serge ; Javarone, Marco Alberto PLos ONE 2016-05 Article
  The invisible hand and the rational agent are behind bubbles and crashes Galam, Serge Chaos, Solitons and Fractals; Nonlinear Science, and Nonequilibrium and Complex Phenomena 2016 Article
  Stubbornness as an unfortunate key to win a public debate Galam, Serge Mind and Society:Cognitive Studies in Economics and Social Sciences 2016 Article
  Activeness as a key to counter democratic balance Qian, Shen ; Liu, Yijun ; Galam, Serge Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 2015 Article
  Two-dimensional Ising transition through a technique from two-state opinion-dynamics models Martins, André ; Galam, Serge Physical Review E 2015 Article
  Analytical expression for the exit probability of the q-voter model in one dimension Timpanaro, André M. ; Galam, Serge Physical Review E 2015 Article
  Testing validity of Testing the validity of the Kirkwood approximation using an extended Sznajd model Timpanaro, André M. ; Galam, Serge Physical Review E 2015 Article
  A Renormalization Group Like Model for a Democratic Dictatorship Galam, Serge Order, Disorder and Criticality, Advanced Problems of Phase Transition Theory 2015 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Combining Text-mining Analysis and Agent-based Modeling Methods Delanoë, Alexandre ; Galam, Serge Bulletin de méthodologie sociologique 2015 Article
Conspiratorial Beliefs Observed through Entropy Principles Golo, Nataša ; Galam, Serge Entropy 2015 Article
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