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Not Always the Same Old Story: Spatial Segregation and Feelings of Dislike against Roma and Sinti in Large Cities and Medium-size Towns in Italy
Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Romany Studies
CLAPS Enrico - UMR CItés, TERritoires, Environnement et Sociétés (CITERES) (Auteur)
VITALE Tommaso - Centre d'études européennes et de politique comparée (CEE) (Auteur)
HU : Budapest : Central European University Press
228 - 253 p.
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Public Opinion Research, Roma, Racism, Stereotypes, Italy, Town
The scientific literature on the dynamics of public opinion and racism as a whole has neglected the spread of anti-gypsy feeling . Only recently, with the Europeanization of the Roma Movements’ claims, have official data from public opinion research made it possible to reach any empirically-based conclusions on the spread of anti-gypsy prejudice in Europe. The availability of these data has not yet been fully exploited, and at the same time their use, albeit only partial, has not been critically worked out. On the other hand we know that the use of opinion polls within the public sphere cannot be ignored, because of the resulting reification of the prejudice and the effects on the objectified ethnic category. This will be the focus of discussion for this chapter, which will introduce unpublished analysis and focus on the Italian situation, showing how pragmatic reflection on the use of data may make it possible to tackle the main risks that these investigations entail. We will also be careful not to ignore the political relevance taken on by the research, even if, no doubt, this will have contradictory effects as well.