Conference contribution
NATO enlargement to the east: Bucharest nine as a game-changer within the Alliance
Conferance name
NATO: Past and Present
Conference date(s)
2020-12-06 / 2020-12-06
Conference place
King’s college, UNITED KINGDOM
NATO, Bucharest nine, minilateralism, transatlantic relations, European defense
NATO progressive expansion to the east has generated prolific academic literature. However, only a few works have investigated how these enlargements affect the internal dynamics of the Alliance. This article thus seeks to analyse changes at work within NATO by focusing on informal groupings created by central and eastern European countries to influence its decision-making processes. Based on extensive fieldwork within the organisation, this paper will mostly focus on Bucharest nine, which seems to be the preferred extra and intra-alliance format. It will first analyse the custom of informal groupings within NATO and its main features. Then, this article will trace the emergence of Bucharest nine and its claims, to end with an assessment of its homogeneity.