Reforming Higher Education : Public Policy Design and Implementation
Higher Education Dynamics
MUSSELIN Christine - Centre de sociologie des organisations (Editor)
TEIXEIRA Pedro - Centro de Investigação de Políticas do Ensino Superior (Universidade de Aveiro) (Editor)
Dordrecht : Springer
Higher Education Dynamics : 41
233 p.
This book analyzes the reforms that led to a differentiated landscape of higher education systems after university practices and governance were considered poorly adapted to contemporary settings and to their new missions. This has led to a growing institutional differentiation in many higher education systems. This differentiation has certainly contributed to making the institutional landscape more diverse across and within higher education systems. This book covers this diversity. Each part corresponds to a different but complementary way of looking at reforms and highlights what can be learnt on specific cases by adopting a specific perspective. The first part analyzes the ongoing reforms and their evolution, identifies their internal contradictions, as well as the redefinitions and reorientations they experience, and reveals the ideas, representations, ideologies and theories on which they are built. The second part includes comparison between countries but also other comparative perspectives such as how one reform is developed in different regions of the same country, as well as how comparable reforms are declined to different sectors. The last part addresses the impact of the reforms. What is known about the effectiveness of such instruments on higher education systems? This part shows that reforms provoke new power games and reconfigure power relations.

1. Introduction; Christine Musselin and Pedro Teixeira.- PART 1: Designing Policies in Higher Education.- 2. Public Policy Design and University Reform; David Dill.- 3. Reforming Universities in Italy: Towards a New Paradigm?; Emanuela Reale and Emilia Primeri.- 4. The UK Research Excellence Framework and the Transformation of Research Production; John Brennan and Sofia Branco Sousa.- PART 2: The Complexities of Policy Design in Higher Education – Some Lessons from Comparative Research.- 5. Reforming the Portuguese Public Sector: A Route from Health to Higher Education; Teresa Carvalho and Sofia Bruckmann.- 6. Higher Education, Globalization and the Restructuring of the State: A Comparison between British Columbia, Ontario and Québec; Don Fisher and Kjell Rubenson.- 7. Patterns of University Governance: Insights Based on an Analysis of Doctoral Education’s Management Reform in Switzerland and Norway; Lukas Bashung.- PART 3: Policy Effects at the Meso Level.- 8. Governance of Universities and Scientific Innovation; Dietmar Braun.- 9. Change is in the Air: Pressures, Organizations, Fields and University Research; Maria Nedeva, Kate Barker and Sally Ali.- 10. Reforming Faculties’ Careers: Changes in Structures and Trajectories; Gaële Goastellec and Nicolas Pekari.- 11. The Possible Conflict between New and Old Governance in the Introduction of Performance Based Funding in German Medical Faculties; Patricia Schulz.- Index.