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Ferragina, Emanuele
98, rue de l'Université
Paris 75007,  FRANCE
Marché du travail , Protection sociale Stratification sociale et transformati ...
  Family policy in high-income countries: Five decades of development Ferragina, Emanuele ; Daly, Mary Journal of European Social Policy 2017-12 Article
Does Family Policy Influence Women’s Employment?: Reviewing the Evidence in the Field Ferragina, Emanuele Political Studies Review 2017-11 Article
  The Welfare State and Social Capital in Europe: Reassessing a complex relation Ferragina, Emanuele International Journal of Comparative Sociology 2017-01 Article
  The Social Capital of European Regions Ferragina, Emanuele Handbook of Social Capital and Regional Development 2016-12 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Outsiderness and Participation in Liberal and Coordinated Market Economies Ferragina, Emanuele ; Feyertag, Joseph ; Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin Partecipazione e conflitto 2016-11 Article
  Poverty and Participation in Twenty-First Century Multicultural Britain Ferragina, Emanuele ; Tomlinson, Mark ; Walker, Robert Social policy and society 2016-09 Article
  The Rise and Fall of Social Capital: Requiem for a Theory? Ferragina, Emanuele Political Studies Review 2016-04 Article
  Comprendre le développement des politiques familiales dans les pays riches de l’OCDE Ferragina, Emanuele Informations sociales 2016-03 Article
A Matter of Size and Generosity: Assessing the Complex Relation between the Welfare State and Social Capital Ferragina, Emanuele 2015-12 Working paper
  L’Europa della Maggioranza Invisibile Ferragina, Emanuele Micromega 2015-10 Article
Poverty and Participation in 21st Century Britain Ferragina, Emanuele ; Tomlinson, Mark ; Walker, Robert 2015-06 Working paper
  Compte rendu de «Kees van Kersbergen and Barbara Vis (2013), Comparative Welfare State Politics: Development, Opportunities and Reform. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 260 p.» Ferragina, Emanuele Journal of Social Policy 2015-05 Compte-rendu d’ouvrage
  The Four Worlds of ‘Welfare Reality’. Social Risks and Outcomes in Europe Ferragina, Emanuele ; Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin ; Spreckelsen, Thees Social policy and society 2015-04 Article
  Determinants of a Silent (R)evolution: Understanding the Expansion of Family Policy in Rich OECD Countries Ferragina, Emanuele ; Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin Social politics 2015 Article
  Social Innovation on the Rise: yet another buzzword in a time of austerity Ferragina, Emanuele ; Grisiola, Francesco Salute e Società 2015 Article