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Thiemann, Matthias
28, rue des Saints Pères
Paris 75007,  FRANCE
Économie politique de la régulation financière en Europe Le pouvoir des idées ...
  Is resilience enough? The macro‐prudential reform agenda and the lacking smoothing of the cycle Thiemann, Matthias Public Administration 2018-09 Article
  Régulation des marchés financiers Thiemann, Matthias Dictionnaire d'économie politique 2018-09 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Much Ado About Nothing? Macro-Prudential Ideas and the Post-Crisis Regulation of Shadow Banking Thiemann, Matthias KZfSS Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 2018-08 Article
  Balancing market liquidity: Bank Structural Reform caught between growth and stability Endrejata, Vanessa ; Thiemann, Matthias Journal of Economic Policy Reform 2018-08 Article
  The Growth of Shadow Banking Thiemann, Matthias 2018-05 Livre
Market-based but state-led: The role of public development banks in shaping market-based finance in the European Union Mertens, Daniel ; Thiemann, Matthias Competition and Change 2018-02 Article
Building a hidden investment state? The European Investment Bank, national development banks and European economic governance Mertens, Daniel ; Thiemann, Matthias Journal of European Public Policy 2017-10 Article
  Understanding the shift from micro- to macro-prudential thinking: a discursive network analysis Aldegwy, Mohamed ; Ibrocevic, Edin ; Thiemann, Matthias Cambridge Journal of Economics 2017-10 Article
  Stitched on the Edge: Rule Evasion, Embedded Regulators, and the Evolution of Markets Thiemann, Matthias ; Lepoutre, Jan American Journal of Sociology 2017-05 Article
  Breaking Regime Stability? The Politicization of Expertise in the OECD/G20 Process on BEPS and the Potential Transformation of International Taxation Butler, Tim ; Thiemann, Matthias Accounting, Economics and Law: A Convivium 2017-04 Article
  Task Complexity and Value Orientation: Exploring the Moderators of a Social Dilemma in Social Networks Godart, Frédéric C ; Cavarretta, Fabrice ; Thiemann, Matthias Industrial and Corporate Change 2016-10 Article
  The impact of meta-standardization upon standards convergence: the case of the international accounting standard for off-balance-sheet financing Thiemann, Matthias Business and Politics 2014-04 Article
  In the Shadow of Basel: How Competi tive Politics Bred the Crisis Thiemann, Matthias Review of International Political Economy 2014 Article
  ‘Out of the Shadows?’ Accounting for Special Purpose Entities in European Banking Systems Thiemann, Matthias Competition and Change 2012-02 Article
Networks and Meaning: Styles and Switchings White, Harrison ; Fuhse, Jan ; Thiemann, Matthias ; Buchholz, Larissa Soziale Systeme 2007 Article
  Networks and Meaning: Styles and Switchings White, Harrison ; Fuhse, Jan ; Thiemann, Matthias ; Buchholz, Larissa Soziale Systeme 2007 Article
Questioning Development Orthodoxy Thiemann, Matthias New School Economic Review 2007 Article