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Observatoire français des conjonctures économiques (OFCE)
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Paris 75014,  FRANCE
Does the interaction between shocks and institutions solve the OECD unemployment puzzle ? A theoretical and empirical appraisal Gaimon, Aurélien ; Lapegue, Vincent ; Veroni, Paola ; N'Semi, Noé ; Reynès, Frédéric ; Theulière, Maël 2007-12 Working paper
Gender Biases in Student Evaluations of Teachers Boring, Anne 2015-04 Working paper
Total work and gender: facts and possible explanations Burda, Michael C ; Hamermesh, Daniel S. ; Weil, Philippe 2012-02 Working paper
L'Etat du tissu productif français Observatoire français des conjonctures économiques 2016-11 Working paper
Proximity as a Source of Comparative Advantage Archanskaia, Elizaveta 2013-02 Working paper
Glass ceiling and belief flipping : theory and evidence from Egypt Kandil, Lamia 2015-01 Working paper
Les allocations chômage devraient-elles être dégressives ? Coquet, Bruno 2017-01 Working paper
Dégressivité des allocations chômage : une réforme ni nécessaire ni efficace Coquet, Bruno 2016-10 Working paper
Toward a low carbon growth in Mexico : is a double dividend possible ? A dynamic general equilibrium assessment Landa, Gissela ; Reynès, Frédéric ; Islas, Ivan ; Bellock, François-Xavier ; Grazi, Fabio 2015-10 Working paper
Double Dividend of Low-carbon Growth in Mexico: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Assessment Landa, Gissela ; Reynès, Frédéric ; Islas, Ivan ; Bellock, François-Xavier ; Grazi, Fabio 2015-11 Working paper
Distortion Effects of Export Quota Policy: An Analysis of the China - Raw Materials Dispute Charlier, Christophe ; Guillou, Sarah 2013-05 Working paper
Exports and exchange rate : a firm-level investigation Guillou, Sarah 2008-02 Working paper
Competitiveness and export market shares in high tech industries in the US and the EMU countries: A comparative study Guillou, Sarah 2006-10 Working paper
Firms' leverage and export quality evidence from France Guillou, Sarah ; Bernini, Michel ; Bellone, Flora 2013-08 Working paper
The accountability imperative for quantifiying the uncertainty of emission forecasts : evidence from Mexico Puig, Daniel ; Morales Napoles, Oswaldo ; Bakhtiari, Fatemeh ; Landa, Gissela 2017-09 Working paper
  L'assurance malade : soins de court terme et traitement à long terme Ventelou, Bruno ; Hagneré, Cyrille ; Cornilleau, Gérard 2004-07 Working paper
Croissance économique et bien être matériel Cornilleau, Gérard 2005-10 Working paper
Welfare in Europe and the United States Cornilleau, Gérard 2006-10 Working paper
Marché locatif privé : état des lieux et évaluation des dernières mesures gouvernementales Rifflart, Christine ; Le Bayon, Sabine ; Madec, Pierre 2013-04 Working paper
Exchange rate exposure under liquidity constraints Guillou, Sarah ; Schiavo, Stefano 2011-06 Working paper
Export prices and increasing world competition : evidence from French, German and Italian pricing behavior Guillou, Sarah ; Schiavo, Stefano 2007-09 Working paper
Innovation trade and the size of exporting firms Montinari, Letizia ; Riccabonii, Massimo ; Schiavo, Stefano 2013-09 Working paper
The World-Trade Web: Topological Properties, Dynamics, and Evolution Fagiolo, Giorgio ; Reyes, Javier ; Schiavo, Stefano 2008-07 Working paper
Trade-imbalances networks and exchange rate adjustments: The paradox of a new Plaza Fracasso, Andrea ; Schiavo, Stefano 2008-12 Working paper
Powerless : gains from trade when firm productivity is not Pareto distributed Schiavo, Stefano ; Bee, Marco 2015-09 Working paper