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Isolated Capital Cities, Accountability and Corruption Evidence from US States Campante, Filipe R ; Do, Quoc-Anh 2013-01 Working paper
  Cultural integration of immigrants in Europe Algan, Yann ; Bisin, Alberto ; Manning, Allan ; Verdier, Thierry 2013-01 Livre
  Introduction: Perspectives on Cultural Integration of Immigrants Algan, Yann ; Bisin, Alberto ; Verdier, Thierry Cultural Integration of Immigrants in Europe 2013-01 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Cooperation in R&D: patenting, licensing and contracting Bhattacharya, Sudipto ; D'Aspremont, Claude ; Guriev, Sergei ; Sen, Debapriya ; Tauman, Yair Game Theory and Business Applications 2013 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Conclusion: Cultural Integration of Immigrants in Europe Algan, Yann ; Aleksynska, Mariya Cultural Integration of Immigrants in Europe 2013-01 Partie ou chapitre de livre
A stochastic control approach to No-Arbitrage bounds given marginals, with an application to Lookback options Galichon, Alfred ; Henri-Labordère, Pierre ; Touzi, Nizar Journal of Applied Probability 2013 Article
Sanctions that signal: An experiment Galbiati, Roberto ; Schlag, Karl H. ; Van Der Weele, Joël J Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 2013 Article
  Varieties and the transfer problem Corsetti, Giancarlo ; Martin, Philippe ; Pesenti, Paolo Journal of International Economics 2013-01 Article
  Identification of Matching Complementarities: A Geometric Viewpoint Galichon, Alfred Advances in Econometrics 2013 Article
Mismatch, Sorting and Wages Dynamics Lise, Jeremy ; Meghir, Costas ; Robin, Jean-Marc 2013 Working paper
  Dilatation Bootstrap : a methodology for constructing confidence regions with partially identified models Galichon, Alfred ; Henry, Marc Journal of Econometrics 2013 Article
Gravity Equations: Workhorse, Toolkit, and Cookbook Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry 2013-01 Working paper
Choosing Choices: Agenda Selection With Uncertain Issues Godefroy, Raphael ; Perez, Eduardo Econometrica 2013-01 Article
  Human Smuggling Friebel, Guido ; Guriev, Sergei International Handbook on the Economics of Migration 2013 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Likelihood inference in an Autoregression with fixed effects Dhaene, Geert ; Jochmans, Koen 2013-01 Working paper
Pairwise-comparison estimation with nonparametric controls Jochmans, Koen 2013-01 Working paper
  Cultural Integration in France Algan, Yann ; Landais, Camilla ; Senik, Claudia Cultural Integration of Immigrants in Europe 2013-01 Partie ou chapitre de livre
Rich Mines, Poor Institutions: Resource Curse and the Origins of the Sicilian Mafia Buonanno, Paolo ; Durante, Ruben ; Prarolo, Giovanni ; Prarolo, Giovanni 2013-01 Working paper
  Theoretical Perspectives on Financial Globalization Coeurdacier, Nicolas Handbook of Safeguarding Global Financial Stability - Volume 2 2013 Partie ou chapitre de livre
  Répression et opposition en Russie Guriev, Sergei ; Ackerman, Galia ; Mendras-Rosdahl, Marie Esprit 2013 Article
Investing to Cooperate:Theory and Experiment Benoît, Jean-Pierre ; Galbiati, Roberto ; Henry, Emeric 2013 Working paper
Empowering Parents in School: What They Can (not) Do Beasley, Elizabeth ; Huillery, Elise 2013-01 Working paper
Innovation beyond Patents: Technological Complexity as a Protection against Imitation Henry, Emeric ; Ruiz Aliseda, Francisco 2013-01 Working paper
The Cost of Agglomeration: Land Prices in Cities Combes, Pierre-Philippe ; Duranton, Gilles ; Gobillon, Laurent 2012-12 Working paper
The Social Effects of Ethnic Diversity at the Local Level Algan, Yann ; Hémet, Camille ; Laitin, David, Department Of Political Science) 2012-12 Working paper