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A Note on the Tight Simplification of Mechanisms Perez, Eduardo Economics Letters 2011-01 Article
Inherited Trust and Growth Algan, Yann ; Cahuc, Pierre American Economic Review 2010-12 Article
Risk, Cooperation and the Economic origins of social Trust: an empirical Investigation Durante, Ruben 2010-11 Working paper
First-differencing in panel data models with incidental functions Jochmans, Koen 2010-10-20 Working paper
  Interest Group Politics in a Federation Guriev, Sergei ; Yakovlev, Evgeny ; Zhuravskaya, Ekaterina Journal of Public Economics 2010-10 Article
  After the crisis : the way ahead Di Giorgio, Giorgio ; Gordon, Robert ; Micossi, Stefano ; Phelps, Edmund S ; Pissarides, Christopher ; Fitoussi, Jean-Paul ; Saraceno, Francesco ; Carmassi, Jacopo ; Parascandolo, Paola ; Wasmer, Etienne 2010-10 Livre
An International Comparison of Equalization Mobility and Lifetime Earnings Inequality: How Continental Europe Resembles North America Bowlus, Audra J. ; Robin, Jean-Marc 2010-09-21 Working paper
Home bias in open economy financial macroeconomics Coeurdacier, Nicolas ; Rey, Hélène 2010-09 Working paper
Local social capital and geographical mobility David, Quentin ; Janiak, Alexandre ; Wasmer, Etienne Journal of Urban Economics 2010-09 Article
Regulation and Distrust Aghion, Philippe ; Algan, Yann ; Cahuc, Pierre ; Shleifer, Andrei The Quarterly journal of economics 2010-08 Article
Les mobilités des salariés Lemoine, Mathilde ; Wasmer, Etienne 2010-06 Rapport
The Cyclical Volatility of Labor Markets under Frictional Financial Markets Petrosky-Nadeau, Nicolas ; Wasmer, Etienne 2010-04-02 Working paper
A Centered Index of Spatial Concentration: Expected Influence Approach 1978-02- Campante, Filipe R. ; Do, Quoc-Anh 2010-04 Working paper
Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous Agents and Borrowing Constraints Algan, Yann ; Ragot, Xavier Review of Economic Dynamics 2010-04 Article
The geography of conflicts and free trade agreements Thoenig, Mathias ; Mayer, Thierry ; Martin, Philippe 2010-03 Working paper
Promising the right prize Henry, Emeric 2010-03 Working paper
Partisan Control, Media Bias, and Viewer Responses: Evidence from Berlusconi’s Italy Durante, Ruben ; Knight, Brian Journal of the European Economic Association 2010-03 Article
The Economic Situation of First ans Second-Generation in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom Algan, Yann ; Dustmann, Christian ; Glitz, Albrecht ; Manning, Allan The Economic Journal G 2010-02 Article
The location of domestic and foreign production affiliates by French multinational firms Mayer, Thierry ; Méjean, Isabelle ; Nefussi, Benjamin Journal of Urban Economics 2010 Article
Ideology and existence of 50% majority equilibria in Multidimensional spatial voting Models Crès, Hervé ; Unver, Utku Journal of Theoretical Politics 2010 Article
  The economics of clusters, lessons from the french experience Mayneris, Florian ; Duranton, Gilles ; Mayer, Thierry ; Martin, Philippe 2010 Livre
Bilateral trade of cultural goods Disdier, Anne-Célia ; Tai, Silvio H. T. ; Fontagné, Lionel ; Mayer, Thierry Review of World Economics 2010-01 Article
Split-panel jackknife estimation of fixed-effect models Dhaene, Geert ; Jochmans, Koen 2010-01 Working paper
  Challenges Facing the Russian Economy After the Crisis Guriev, Sergei ; Tsyvinski, Aleh Russia, After the Global Economic Crisis 2010 Partie ou chapitre de livre
What Do We Expect From Our Friends? Leider, Stephen ; Mobius, Markus M. ; Rosenblat, Tanya ; Do, Quoc-Anh Journal of the European Economic Association 2010-01 Article