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Taxing the Rich Landier, Augustin ; Plantin, Guillaume The review of economic studies 2016-07 Article
The impact of Urban Enterprise Zones on establishment location decisions and labor market outcomes: evidence from France Mayer, Thierry ; Mayneris, Florian ; Py, Loriane Journal of Economic Geography 2017-07 Article
From micro to macro: Demand, supply, and heterogeneity in the trade elasticity Bas, Maria ; Mayer, Thierry ; Thoenig, Mathias Journal of International Economics 2017 Article
The Macrodynamics of Sorting between Workers and Firms. Lise, Jeremy ; Robin, Jean-Marc American Economic Review 2017-04 Article
Sorting and agglomeration economies in French economics departments Bosquet, Clément ; Combes, Pierre-Philippe Journal of Urban Economics 2017-09 Article
Production in incomplete markets: Expectations matter for political stability Crès, Hervé ; Tvede, Mich Journal of Mathematical Economics 2009-03 Article
  Identification of Matching Complementarities: A Geometric Viewpoint Galichon, Alfred Advances in Econometrics 2013 Article
On the Dynamics of unemployment and wage Distributions Robin, Jean-Marc Econometrica 2011-09 Article
  Market access in global and regional trade De Sousa, José ; Mayer, Thierry ; Zignago, Soledad Regional science and urban economics 2012-11 Article
Aggregation of multiple prior opinions Crès, Hervé ; Gilboa, Itzhak ; Vieille, Nicolas Journal of Public Economic Theory 2011 Article
Stochastic Search Equilibrium Moscarini, Giuseppe ; Postel-Vinay, Fabien Review of Economic Studies 2013-10 Article
How Do Policies Affect the Exit Rate out of Unemployment? Disentangling Job Creation from Labour Market Frictions Murtin, Fabrice ; de Serres, Alain Labour 2014-06 Article
  Control Rights over intellectual property Bhattacharya, Sudipto ; Guriev, Sergei Journal of Industrial Economics 2013-09 Article
  Imperfect Competition in Financial Markets and Capital Structure Guriev, Sergei ; Kvasov, Dmitriy Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 2009-10 Article
  Barter for price discrimination Guriev, Sergei ; Kvasov, Dmitriy International Journal of Industrial Organization 2004-03 Article
Attaching Workers through In-Kind Payments: Theory and Evidence from Russia Friebel, Guido ; Guriev, Sergei World Bank economic review 2005 Article
The democratic transition Murtin, Fabrice ; Wacziarg, Romain Journal of Economic Growth 2014-06 Article
  Determinants of Expropriation in the Oil Sector: A Theory and Evidence from Panel Data Kolotilin, Anton ; Guriev, Sergei ; Sonin, Konstantin Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization 2011-08 Article
Hiv/Aids And Poverty In South Africa: A Bayesian Estimation Of Selection Models With Correlated Fixed-Effects Murtin, Fabrice ; Marzo, Federica South African Journal of Economics 2013-03 Article
Vector Quantile Regression: An Optimal Transport Approach Carlier, Guillaume ; Chernozhukov, Victor ; Galichon, Alfred Annals of Statistics 2016 Article
The Impact of Urban Enterprise Zones on Establishments Mayer, Thierry ; Mayneris, Florian ; Py, Loriane Journal of Economic Geography 2015-10 Article
Youth Unemployment in Old Europe: The Polar Cases of France and Germany Cahuc, Pierre ; Carcillo, Stéphane ; Rinne, Ulf ; Zimmermann, Klaus F. IZA Journal of European Labor Studies 2013-11 Article
Régulation ou supervision : quels nouveaux risques? Plantin, Guillaume Revue d'économie financière 2015-06 Article
A stochastic control approach to No-Arbitrage bounds given marginals, with an application to Lookback options Galichon, Alfred ; Henri-Labordère, Pierre ; Touzi, Nizar Journal of Applied Probability 2013 Article
Welfare and Trade without Pareto Head, Keith ; Mayer, Thierry ; Thoenig, Mathias American Economic Review 2014-05 Article
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